Congratulations to the 2015 Hugo Nominees

The official list of nominees for the 2015 Hugo Awards have been announced!

I extend my sincerest congratulations to all of the nominees. And seeing so many luminaries who've toiled unrecognized for decades finally receive nominations restored some of my faith in the SF establishment.

Shortly thereafter, calls from supposed curators of culture and nurturers of artists to burn down the house rather than welcome new members from SF's vast fanbase precipitated my relapse into industry infidel status.

My fellow geeks, the price of defying SFF's self-appointed arbiters of propriety is a matter of public record. Nevertheless, reason compels me to note what my own senses and intellect report. The Hugo is awarded by popular vote of the Worldcon membership. The only criterion which those seeking the Hugo franchise must meet is paying the registration fee for a supporting membership. Prospective Hugo voters need not (yet) pass a literacy test confirming their conformity to Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Moshe Feder's notion of a true fan.

You pay your entry fee, and you're eligible to vote. Anyone who bought a supporting membership is just as much a member in good standing of Worldcon as the two gentlemen above are.

Sadly, a spirit of possessiveness is seeking to nullify the will of fans who judge works on merit. Such is the old guard's jealousy that they will even rob authors who write for their own companies, or whose works they themselves praise, of a chance at recognition that often took years to earn.

One way remains to prevent those who were charged with cultivating the SF field from burning it: use the democratic system they so clearly despise.

Voting memberships for Sasquan can be purchased here.

Become a member of this august institution. Read the nominated works and vote for whichever you think best. Show those who unjustly malign you that you're no less of a fan than they are. I ask nothing that I won't be doing myself.

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