Shameless Flogging

What would you do if the world kept ending, and you were the only one who knew it?

That's my brilliant editor's tagline for my new short story "Strange Matter", available now in SCI PHI JOURNAL #3. My pitch was China Syndrome meets Groundhog Day, but his is better.

"Strange Matter" is the hardest sci-fi tale I've written so far, and it includes plenty of food for thought--both technical and philosophical.

I've recommended Sci Phi Journal before, and not just because they publish me. The reason I submitted my story to them in the first place is because they're a much needed platform for stories that entertain while holding to high standards of speculative thought. I encourage you to give them your support--not because they deserve it, but because you'll get top shelf entertainment and a rigorous mental workout.

Thanks for indulging me, and happy Christmas!


  1. I loved that story. I liked the different ways the protagonist and the coffee-drinking woman reacted to being trapped in the loop.

  2. Thank you. I read the first Matrix essay in issue #1, yearned for someone to rebut the incoherent anti-philosophy, and was elated to read your reply. I found myself continually voicing agreement to the screen (I need to get out more).

  3. I finally, well the other day actually, read your published version of Strange Matter, excellent improvements. More importantly though, it was worthy of a second read, well done.

    1. Your praise is always meditated upon and cherished. And I owe you thanks besides, since your feedback helped get the story into publishable shape.