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When this age of instantaneous global information exchange began, it seemed inevitable that every fandom should have its needs served. For years science fiction and philosophy enthusiasts like myself were the sole exception. At long last, Sci Phi Journal has brought our intellectual famine to an end!

Helmed by a visionary man of letters who understands science fiction's special relationship with philosophy (after all, every proper sci-fi story begins with the philosophical question what if?), Sci Phi Journal brings you fascinating short fiction by new and established SF authors, as well as thought-provoking essays that plumb the deeper meanings of pop culture touchstones. In classic dialectical style, questions for further thought and discussion follow each story.

Full disclosure: Sci Phi Journal recently became the first publication to purchase a short story of mine at a professional rate (perceptive regular readers may have noticed the change to this blog's description in the header). My endorsement of the magazine doesn't stem from this business relationship. I've supported Sci Phi Journal since I purchased the first issue, and reading it convinced me to send them a short story submission.

In a field that has lately struggled under the heel of overt message fic and superficial, hackneyed narratives, Sci Phi Journal is more than a breath of fresh air. It is a literary David battling a host of philistines for the noble goal of bringing you thought-provoking entertainment.

The first two issues are available now in a variety of electronic formats. Buying copies now via the following links won't just provide hours of wonder and intellectual challenge, it will help to ensure the continued availability of such rare sci-fi delicacies.

Sci Phi Journal #1

Sci Phi Journal #2

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