How Winning Gets Done


By doing away with the Individual Mandate, the Trump Administration created a potentially fatal vulnerability in Obamacare's constitutionality that the Republican party has actually managed to exploit.
Core provisions of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, were ruled unconstitutional by a Texas judge on Friday following a lawsuit brought by a group of Republican attorneys general from 20 states against Democratic attorneys general from 14 states led by California's Xavier Becerra.
According to court documents (below) US District Judge Reed O'Connor of Fort Worth agreed with the GOP coalition that he had to gut key provisions of the Affordable Care Act after Congress last year eliminated the individual mandate - a tax penalty for not buying insurance.
Friday's decision which will undoubtedly be fought all the way to the Supreme Court, as California has already announced that they will appeal.
The Texas-led Republicans argued that they've been harmed by an explosion of people on state-supported insurance rolls - claiming that when Congress repealed the tax penalty last year it nullified the US Supreme Court's rationale for deeming the ACA constitutional in 2012. 
This is how it's done. What the Left has wrought via the courts can be undone via the courts.

If someone questions whether a single judge in Texas can repeal the Affordable Care Act nationwide, ask him if a single judge in Hawaii can nullify the President's constitutional authority to defend the continental United States from invasion.

More please, GOP.

If Congressional Republicans had the spine of their state attorneys general colleagues, they'd use their once-per-year "Pass a Spending Bill with a Simple Majority" card to get the Wall funded before the Democrats take over the House next month.


Hollywood Can't Sonic

Sonic Movie

A professional animator explains why the Hollywood version of beloved video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog looks like blue cancer.

Hollywood Sonic

Hollywood's meddling with this wildly successful Japanese character is doubly stupid because, if you read Console Wars, you know that Sonic the Hedgehog has at least as much American as Japanese DNA, perhaps more.

Sonic originated from an art contest held by Sega of Japan to design their planned game's protagonist. The winning entry was an anthropomorphic hedgehog called Mister Needlemouse.

Mister Needlemouse

Who is Felix the Cat's head on Mickey Mouse's blue, pantsless body.

Felix the Cat Mickey Mouse

Sega of America took the rather more crudely drawn and aggressively named Needlemouse and applied the finishing touches that completed his metamorphosis into Sonic.

The Hollywood idiots trying to "Westernize" Sonic the Hedgehog couldn't do Western art if their salaries depended on it I wish that was just a joke. Sonic already is a product of the West. The movie studio is just making him ugly, which is all Western animators are capable of doing these days.

Art-Eater's killshot:

Pokemon numbers

Pokémon, another Japanese IP captained by a Disney-inspired cartoon mouse, is running rings around its Western forebears. Hello Kitty is right behind.

[Insert pun about cat and mouse games.]

This episode does give us a handy visual representation of Western artistic degeneration, though.

Visual Degeneration


The Freak Amendment

Bill of Rights

One defining feature of the American Left is their visceral hatred of the Second Amendment. Conservatives and libertarians accuse the gun-grabbers of wanting normal people left at the mercy of Big Brother. They're not wrong, but that's just a practical consideration. It doesn't fully explain the Left's rabid loathing of the 2A.

Here's a news item about a gun owner who resisted Maryland's tyrannical Red Flag gun confiscation policy. Under this law, your psycho ex-girlfriend, your Bangladeshi dermatologist, or your ex-hippy aunt can snitch on you for wrongthink and have the authorities strip away your Second Amendment rights. Or the cops can cut out the middleman and demote you to second-class citizenship themselves. In this case, it looks like a female relative reported the gun owner for thought crimes. They came for his guns, a struggle ensued, and the cops shot him like a dog in his own home.

That's not calculated political expediency. That's vicious enmity. If you're a gun owner to the right of Harvey Milk, it's coming to a street near you, so it's best to understand the underlying cause.

As I recently noted in this post, Liberalism is inherently tyrannical. When you reduce freedom to seeking personal preferences disconnected from the good and try to absolutize it, stories like those linked above are the inevitable fallout. Adherents of an absolute ideology necessarily regard any competing view as an infringement and zealously seek to destroy it. Liberalism is totalitarian.

Which brings us back to the Second Amendment. You may be wondering how Liberals could hate part of the Bill of Rights when the whole American Experiment is an exercise in Classical Liberalism. Therein lies the rub, because contra revisionist textbooks, the Founding Fathers were not a Deist coven. Presbyterian minister John Witherspoon and Catholic congressman Daniel Carroll, brother to the first bishop of Baltimore, are just two prominent Christians who signed the Constitution. Thanks to such Founders, some Christian DNA got mixed into the Liberal experiment.

As came to light when a friend and I were discussing the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment alone states a reciprocal duty. It is explicitly for something--the defense of the man, his family, his home, and his nation. Of all the Constitutional Amendments, only the Second is unequivocally ordered toward a good.

That's the difference between the Liberal and Christian understanding of rights in a nutshell. The former conceives of indiscriminate license unbound by any positive duty. Christian moral philosophy, on the other hand, insists that every right comes inextricably bundled with a corresponding duty. Every right exists for the pursuit of a specific good.

Once you understand that Liberalism is totalitarian, and that Liberal and Christian conceptions of rights irreconcilably diverge, it's no mystery why the modern Left despises the Second Amendment. Gun-grabbers call the 2A an illiberal artifact of an age they revile. They are correct. More than any other Amendment, the 2A stands as a constant reminder of America's original Christian character. That is why the Leftist Death Cult will stop at nothing to destroy it.


To Whom Shall We Go?

An important reminder that conversion is a grace, and God calls whomever He wills.

Catholic & Weeb

No, not to anime fandom. To the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ and welcome to Not John Daker. May the Lord draw you into ever closer communion with Him through the people and ministry of His Church.

For all the criticism I level at the Catholic Church's current leaders on Earth, my motive is not hostility but filial love.

Imagine a princely and ancient mansion that's been handed down in your family since the clan patriarch built it by hand 2000 years ago. It stood as a rock amid the storms of all the passing ages. Now the current trustees of the estate, your Boomer parents, have mortgaged the grand old house to the hilt to pay for hideous "renovations" in imitation of the McMansions that occupy the rest of the street. Worse, they are harboring dodgy workers--some of whom came not through the door but over the wall and are making trouble in the neighborhood. A small but highly visible number of gardeners have committed the most atrocious crimes against the tenants' children. Yet your parents harbor them.

You could disown your parents, go your own way, and abandon the princely house of your fathers, washing your hands of any responsibility for the future of your patrimony. That is the way of the rootless, atomized man of the world. You would not be the first to take it.

The faithful, tradition-minded disciple of Christ gives filial correction to his wayward parents in a spirit of charity. He does not abandon his ancestral home, which the Builder has promised will stand till the end of time. Even if his parents refuse to listen, he trusts the Builder. For does not the Builder also have a vineyard which fell under unworthy management? And did He not remove those wicked managers?

The order of bishops--including the Pope--is not the head of the Catholic Church. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, which is His Body. The first fruits of the Church have already been gathered into heaven. The gates of hell cannot prevail against them.

Every day, this reality is revealed to ordinary people--even if only in part. Despite the sins--many of them grave--of her members, God calls his elect into full communion with Him, and some of those who are called answer.

Not John Daker is far from alone. Just this week, I was blessed to learn of a dear friend's ongoing reversion to the Catholic faith. His wife is carefully considering converting, following her husband and a close friend. The Holy Spirit moves whom He wills.

Are these examples anecdotal? Certainly. But they paint a picture of a noticeable undercurrent in the zeitgeist. Recent converts and those who are considering conversion have mentioned two main reasons for their attraction to Catholicism:

  1. The unchanging nature of Catholic teaching
  2. Other churches substituting politics for theology
Reason 2 offers an important lesson that some in traditionalist dissident circles can sometimes forget. Religion is not to be conflated with politics. The former pertains to man's duty toward God; the latter concerns how best to organize a society. There is overlap, but as everyone reading this should know, religion is culture codified, and politics is downstream from culture.

Praise God for the grace of conversion. Welcome to all those seeking shelter from the gathering storm within the Church's walls. And to the current hierarchy, pray for your own continued conversion that you may show those who seek solace a Church worthy of them and God.


What Slippery Slope?

library demon

The vast overreach perpetrated by the Coalition of the Fringes in their Trump-induced frenzy is beginning to make normies take notice. From William M. Briggs:
Long-time school teacher Peter Vlaming was fired for saying these words: “Don’t let her run into the wall.”
Problem is, the lunatic parents of the poor little girl Vlaming sought to protect are telling the world the little girl is a little boy. The lunatic “parents said it was unhealthy for their child to remain in Vlaming’s class.”
Anyone not homeschooling their kids is committing child abuse.

Briggs continues.
Now what should have happened was that the male neighbors—not the government, not the authorities—of the lunatic father of the little girl, should have, when they heard the father wanted to begin pretending his daughter was his son, took him for a little walk. And when they picked him up from the bottom of the steps he accidentally slipped down, they should have explained to him that Reality trumps feelings. The father could then have brought this wisdom to his idiot wife. And all would have been well.
But no. Feelings trump Reality. Feelings are what count.
It is feelings that will doom us.
The lady boss of the school where Vlaming created an “unhealthy” environment recommended to the school board to suspend Vlaming. She got her way.
That is the real story. (If you instead believe it is right and just this man Vlaming was canned for calling a girl “she”, I do not care to hear from you, especially if you say we must respect the feelings of the girl. It does the girl no good at all to go along with her parent’s fantasy.)
The battle lines for the soul of the West are not drawn between Right and Left, Capitalist and Communist, or even nationalist and globalist. The war currently in progress is being waged by those who absolutize personal preference against those who uphold the good.

Liberalism--even Classical Liberalism--is the slow but ultimately deadly poison that has now laid the West on its deathbed. There is no redeeming or accommodating Liberalism. Once you've atrophied your will and subjugated your intellect to your appetites, it ends with demons seizing, brainwashing, and chemically castrating your sons--backed by the full might of Big Brother.
There are lunatics and idiots ever with us. And cowards. That is not important. What is important is that now the cowards in charge of us fear the lunatics and idiots. They do not fear those who hold with Reality. And the reason our cowardly leaders fear the lunatics and idiots is that the lunatics and idiots have stronger feelings than the Realists. And feelings are what counts.
With all due respect to Dr. Briggs, he's missing some vital parts of the equation. Yes, all our former institutions--they are no longer ours--are run by cowards at best and full-throated cheerleaders for total societal degeneration by and large.

Dr. Briggs is correct that the cowards fear the lunatics more than they fear normal people. But the reason isn't that the lunatics have stronger feelings. They have stronger convictions in the rightness of their hysterical, Christianity-profaning death cult than we Christians have in Christ.

Nature abhors a vacuum, human nature is no exception, and man deprived of God will fill that vacuum with anything--even moon-barking lunacy.

There is, as always, a silver lining here. The current untenable state of affairs is staggering along largely due to the inertia of vestigial public trust in our corrupt institutions. As this story and Briggs' readers' reaction to it shows, the death cult is busily taking a sledgehammer to that fragile trust via their daily enormities. Not even the NPCs parrot "Love is love!" or give finger-wagging lectures against the slippery slope fallacy anymore. Not now that society is rocketing down the side of K2, which has also been pre-greased with Astroglide. Support for secession is at record highs.

There are three possible solutions.

  1. Normal people can make the cowards fear them more than they fear the death cult.
  2. Normal people can take back the institutions and replace the cowards.
  3. Let the converged institutions collapse under their own debauchery, and build new ones.
The problem with option 1 is that matters wouldn't have become so dire in the first place if normal people had sufficient faith to stand up for themselves and their children. Now that the death cult is the de facto state religion, there's little hope of swaying cowardly or corrupt bureaucrats.

Option 2 holds out more promise, but again, normal people will need the fortitude to break their cultural inertia and put in some real effort.

Option 3 is the most likely outcome, since the old institutions are rapidly crumbling, and we'll have to build new ones out of necessity.

It's becoming abundantly clear that whatever the future holds, it will not include Liberal democracy as we've known it. Hopefully the West's near-fatal dalliance with deposing truth in favor of compromise will serve as a lesson to future generations.

Atheism cannot stand against the zeal of the death cult. Liberalism is the handmaid of the death cult. The best action anyone can take to defeat the demonic juggernaut is to repent, turn to Jesus Christ, and ask Him for the gift of faith.

The West is on the brink of collapse because we lacked faith the size of a mustard seed.