ComicsGate in Pictures

Chris Braly of Bleeding Fool provides proof of the SJW convergence at Marvel and DC that led to #ComicsGate, complete with visual aids.

The following tweets were all posted by former and current creators with Marvel and DC Comics.

Rivera - Triggered AF


Spencer blind hate

It is utterly baffling to me how some normal people can remain oblivious to the glaring fact, howled by SJWs from their New York and LA rooftops, that they hate you just for being normal.

The authors of these tweets may sound like unhinged street corner cranks. They are not. These are the people who write and draw major comics titles at the Big Two comic book publishers. They are members of a satanic death cult that demands rigid conformity of thought among its adherents, so you can be certain that their fellow travelers in the music, television, and film industries have the same spiritual disease.

I'll say it again, and I'll keep saying it until reality finally penetrates the thick skulls of people who still pay for comics by Marvel and DC, movies by Disney, and NFL games.


I'm going to level with you. Look at these tweets. Really look at them. Read them carefully. You may feel the urge to assume that the SJWs who wish you dead are kidding. They are not kidding, as the countless normal people whose livelihoods have been stripped away and the GOP politicians and voters who've been physically assaulted--sometimes with lethal force--can attest.

From now on, I will regard anyone buying a Marvel or DC comic or a ticket to a Disney movie as morally equivalent to an American who gave aid and comfort to known Communist spies during the Cold War. SJWs want me banished from society and killed. If you buy their products, you advance their goal.

Save the excuses. No one needs yet another YouTube review performing a colonoscopy on the latest Disney agitprop. There's already superabundant proof they're converged. At this point, you're just chasing clicks. As for your wife and/or kids begging to go see Incredibles 2, why the hell would you subject them to a thinly veiled 90 minutes hate?

If you're still rationalizing your continued consumption of SJW converged media, take a long, hard look in the mirror, because you're looking at an addict. Don't be surprised. The Ministry of Truth has been refining their techniques to make this filth addictive for a long time.

Might you have to stop seeing new movies and TV shows altogether? Yeah. So what? You've got better things to do. There's a civilization to rebuild. At the very least, go the fuck outside. Plant a tree. Build a series of dioramas on how windshields are made. Just stop feeding the beast.

Back to Chris Braly, who recounts his own run-in with the monster created by decades of complacency:
I’ve personally experienced this first hand. A former host of the Comic Geek Speak podcast didn’t like my opinions on the forums, so he blocked my Twitter account from being able to view the podcast’s tweets. After blocking me (even though I had never engaged the account), this SJW began to repeatedly subtweet screen caps of mine to insult me for my libertarian politics and constantly insinuated that I was racist, bigoted, and so on, attacking me safely behind his Twitter block. He was never willing to respond to any direct messages from me asking for peace, but always protected by a tiny handful of sycophants that would faithfully rush in to applaud his childish ad hominem attacks on his critics. The lad was curiously unable to respond to substantive criticism other than to name-call and insult from within his Twitter-block safe-space.
It's a now-familiar story. Speaking of libertarian politics...
Classic Liberalism, among other things, advocates that we should give a floor to all ideas, no matter what we personally believe about them. The best ideas, it is said, rise to the top. They have thrown away key concepts that are fundamental to Liberalism, which they claim to support, such as free speech and allowing all diverse voices a chance to air their grievances, communicate their solutions, and share their views, research, and experiences. We’re not seeing that from comic creators cited above, and several others.
As Chris painstakingly documented, the best ideas do not rise to the top. The vast majority of people are not swayed by logical arguments. They are moved by emotion. The last 70 years of cultural Marxists running amok in America prove conclusively that the most well-reasoned arguments don't win. The best propagandists and emotional manipulators win.

Note that Chris resorts to the "SJWs aren't real Liberals" canard, which is no more convincing than the "Democrats are the real racists!" shtick. In point of fact, SJWs are the real Liberals--or at least the Liberals who will follow Liberal ideology to its ultimate conclusions. "Classical Liberals" and Libertarians are simply intellectually inconsistent.

In short, Liberalism has triumphed, and we're living in its conception of paradise. Enjoy!

Let's close with a few words from comics SJW Kurt Busiek.

Busiek 1

Busiek 2

As it happens, there are those of us who do have the creative juice to revolutionize the corrupt arts and media. And we are indeed having a blast.

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How to Argue with SJWs

Experience shows that the best advice on how to argue with SJWs is that you shouldn't. You should mock them relentlessly instead.

A relatively recent demonstration from Twitter:

dicey 1

Lesson 1: Do not answer SJWs' questions. Make them answer yours.

dicey 2

As you can see, I set a trap designed to be difficult for the SJW to avoid. I must admit though, that I didn't expect him to immediately run headlong into it.

Note: the "Yawn" response, which came more than 20 minutes later, is a sign that the SJW was shaken by my successful turning of the tables and could think of no other reply than feigned indifference. If he really didn't care, he wouldn't have replied at all. Instead he was forced into a clumsy attempt to save face.

dicey 3

It's generally more productive to talk about SJWs than it is to talk to them. When you've bludgeoned one with the rhetoric hammer, always take a screencap for your records and your followers' amusement.

dicey 4
The coup de grace: Though I'd already won the exchange, as evidenced by the SJW experiencing such profound cognitive dissonance that he replied to me while maintaining he wasn't replying to me, I judged that this customer deserved a special send-off.

The SJW mentality is a cult mentality. These broken souls feel such a desperate need to belong that they'll zealously embrace the mad dogmas of an inhuman anti-faith. By the same token, SJWs harbor an equally strong fear of being ostracized.

You now have all the tools you need to make every SJW's amygdalae dance like puppets on your strings. Strategically choose your words to personalize your rhetoric and peel the SJW off from the hive. Remember: these fanatics are all offense and no defense. Hammer them with rhetorical attacks that strike at the core of their shared identity, viz. their devotion to SocJus. For optimal effect, couch these id-withering jabs in exclusionary terms like "You're not one of us", "Gross", "You don't belong here", etc.

It bears repeating: Do not attempt to answer SJWs' loaded questions or engage with them rationally. They do not want information and are only giving you enough rope to rhetorically hang yourself. Go on the offensive, and punch back twice as hard!

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The Gundam that Wasn't

Syd Mead - Gundam Movie 1983

I've made no secret of my desire to make #AGundamForUS, but longtime reader Lee recently called my attention to a little-known failed Hollywood production that almost brought us a live-action Gundam movie in 1983.
But the most ambitious and obscure of these false starts came relatively early in the franchise's history in 1983, before any proper sequels had been produced: a 1983 Hollywood-produced live-action Gundam film that would bring together the designs of visual futurist Syd Mead and CGI effects from the pioneering team behind The Last Starfighter.
The origin of that project can be traced further back to 1980, an eventful year for model kit manufacturer and Gundam series sponsor Bandai. That year saw 35-year-old Makoto Yamashina, eldest son of Bandai founder Naoto Yamashina, take over as company president. The younger and more aggressive Yamashina sought to operate Bandai in a way patterned more after an American company, going so far as to fire many of his father's senior executives and replace them with younger people closer to his age.
It was also the year Bandai began releasing affordable ¥300 model kits based on the Mobile Suit Gundam series, and soon found they had a hit despite the show's premature end. Nicknamed “Gunpla,” a portmanteau of “Gundam” and “plastic model,” their success kicked off the “Gunpla Boom” that would go on until the middle of the decade. Together with Gundam's newfound popularity via subsequent re-airings, Gundam was able to rise from cancellation and make early strides toward the media and merchandising juggernaut it's become. With the proven success of Gundam at home, Yamashina had his sights set on bringing the franchise to the American market with a feature film. In 1983, Bandai went to Hollywood.
Company representatives brought the property to Lion's Gate Film, an independent film company founded by director Robert Altman (not to be confused with the contemporary Lionsgate Films, founded in 1998). Lion's Gate hired screenwriter Chip Proser to write the screenplay, who agreed with the condition that he could he could make his directorial debut on the film. Readers may be more familiar with projects Proser was involved with in the latter half of the ‘80s; he handled the major page one rewrite of Top Gun (1986) and wrote the initial screenplay for the Martin Short sci-fi comedy Innerspace (1987). At the time, he was largely known as a script doctor specializing in science fiction and military scripts. Proser was flown out to Japan to meet with executives and see the source material (likely the compilation films). After about a week or so in Japan, he returned to the US and got to work putting together pre-production material.
Being a fan of artist Syd Mead, Proser was pleased to find out that he actually lived very close by and approached him to paint renderings of two scenes: one from the opening scene of the film where enemy mobile suits attack a space colony, and one of the climactic battle where the Gundam and its allies attack an enemy base. While Mead is now familiar to Gundam fans as the most prominent mechanical designer for the 1999 anime series Turn A Gundam, his involvement with the Lion's Gate Project marks his first time working on the franchise in any capacity. In addition to his scene renderings, Mead also drafted mobile suit designs: a design of the Zaku II (referred to on the project as a “Zak”) created for the sake of CG modeling, and an unfinished piece depicting the Gundam's head and torso.
Syd Mead Gundam

Perhaps the projects most ambitious distinction was the idea to use CGI for the majority of its effects at a time when it was almost entirely unheard of to do so. What would a big-budget attempt at a CGI-animated mobile suit have looked like in the mid-’80s? The company consulted with this in mind was the only one that had accomplished anything like that: Digital Productions, the effects company then finishing up work on The Last Starfighter (1984), which boasted entirely CGI starfighter battles instead of traditional miniature work.
Syd Mead - Zaks

A Gundam movie written by the co-writer of Top Gun with effects by the team behind The Last Starfighter? Sign 1983 me up!

Sadly, it was not to be. No one's sure exactly who's to blame for the original Gundam movie deal falling through. It was likely a result of Bandai not having locked down all the rights yet. In any case, we can't have nice things.

Then again, perhaps our luck is about to change.

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21st Century Publishing

Red Pill Religion

Red Pill Religion put on quite a show last night. It was my honor to join new pub all-stars Nick Cole, John C. Wright, and Russell Newquist for a rousing and informative discussion of 21st century publishing strategies.

It comes as a surprise to me that some aspiring authors haven't yet heard the good news that the gatekeepers are gone, and we the writers are in full control of our careers. If you're still querying editors at New York publishing houses (or worse yet, literary agents), you need to hear this episode.

If your marketing plan involves book signings, convention panels, and social media ads, crank up the volume and listen hard. Because Nick, Russell, John, and I are going to tell you how to avoid the mistakes that almost every new author makes. Follow our advice, and save your book.

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A War to Be Normal

Ethan Van Sciver - Cyberfrog

Yesterday I mentioned comic artist Ethan Van Sciver's account of his amicable separation from DC Comics. Ethan's a decent guy--the kind of normie entrepreneur, husband, and father one could once be in America before peak SJW convergence. It's good to know he isn't fretting over where his next meal is coming from since his independent Cyberfrog comic just raised over $200,000.

I take comfort in knowing that creators like EVS are out there, humbly making new culture to replace what the Morlocks befouled. I experience an altogether different emotion when I hear of the diabolical persecution SJWs subject honest family men like Ethan to.

In a recent video, EVS revealed more details about his parting of the ways with DC. In short, a rabid SJW named Tim Doyle stirred up such a social media shitstorm by doxxing Ethan's finances that Ethan faced the choice of shutting down the YouTube and Twitter accounts he'd labored to build or departing from DC. Adding insult to injury, Doyle's doxx pertained to a time of extreme crisis in Ethan's family life.

From the transcript:
...Tim Doyle went into my records he looked me up and he found out that the house that I shared with my first wife who had divorced me was underwater. It was severely underwater. We'd only owned it for a little while. ...it was very underwater I didn't want to live there anymore. I didn't want to live there anymore by myself; certainly not, and I was in love with my wife Andrea. I was in love and we needed to find a way to be together.
Andrea lived in New Jersey and I lived in North Carolina, and I needed to come home, and on top of that Andrea was pregnant, and she lost the baby. We lost the baby. There was an urgency to me being up in New Jersey, and Andrea couldn't come here.
I take no pleasure in sharing the intimate personal details that Tim Doyle maliciously leaked and Ethan Van Sciver has since fully volunteered. It seems there's simply no other way to drive home to normies still living in a fool's paradise that there are no depths to which SJWs will not stoop to destroy us for pure hate's sake. None.
I don't regret it at all. It was the right thing to do. It's the right thing to do, but we did lose the baby and we had to try again. I'm glad that we did, because now we have Ava, so I don't regret that, but that's nobody's business, and to be treated like this publicly because I voted for Donald Trump; to try to have my life ruined, he's gone too far.
Lest you chalk up Ethan's revelation of Doyle's motives to grief and rage-fueled hyperbole, here's what the oxygen thief in question has to say for himself:

Tim Doyle - Exhibit A through Z

Is the totality of our enemies' depravity sinking in, dearest normie? Do you, at long last, understand? Ethan Van Sciver does, and all it took was for a fiend in a sknsuit to broadcast his private financial information from the death of his unborn child--a monstrous act which the SJW smugly justifies with the simple observation that the victim voted for the popular and hugely successful duly elected President.

The SJW swarm behaves like a pack of maladjusted hyenas because experience has taught them they need fear no reprisal. They smear and destroy with impunity because no one, thus far, could be bothered to punish them.

Watching Ethan's video, you can hear him wrestling with these grim truths.
...make no mistake, this is war. We're in a war. We're in a war to be normal people. We're in a war to be normies.
"Culture War" is not a metaphor. The West is embroiled in a cold civil war between the forces of Christendom and the sons of Satan. The truth is dawning on EVS, but sadly, his Conservative conditioning will not allow him to draw the correct and inevitable conclusion from the facts.
I'm not gonna sue him. I'm not gonna sue him. I'm not gonna threaten. That's not what we do, okay? We bear up under this, and we succeed.
When Ted Bundy is gnawing on your thigh, just ignore him and he'll go away.

Ethan Van Sciver has done nothing to deserve such execrable treatment. The only one to blame for Tim Doyle's calumnies is Tim Doyle. At the same time, we get the treatment we tolerate. A bully and a psychopath abuses innocent people because he's a bully and a psychopath. But the victim's response affects whether he continues to abuse that particular victim.
We can't we can't descend to these tactics. We can't descend to this. What am I gonna do? Am I gonna investigate this guy? Am I gonna go find stuff out about him? That's not what I'm gonna do. That's not what we're gonna do. That's not who we are.
Ethan, my dear friend, that's William F. Buckley's ghost whispering from the grave--the same grave where our freedom of religion, freedom of association, and freedom of expression are buried.

Who are we? We are adopted sons of God. That's really why reprobates like Tim Doyle hate us. Those who work in darkness hate the light, Ethan, because they fear their works being exposed. We are the heirs of the prophets, the apostles, the martyrs, the missionaries, and yes, the inquisitors and the crusaders. If you balk at association with the last two, it probably means you went to state-run public school.

Your friend Richard Meyer is having SJW Mark Waid prosecuted under the Sherman Antitrust Act. How did the SJWs smearing Richard respond? Waid deleted all his social media accounts, and his sniveling followers came crawling to Richard asking to "open a dialogue".

That's how we win: by fighting back with all the legal weapons the enemy gleefully uses against us. You don't win by sticking your head in the sand and hoping the storm will blow over. It'll blow over after it knocks your house down.

It is not unjust to respond in kind when someone attacks you, and certainly not when he attacks your family. Quite the opposite. Refusing to fight an enemy who wants you and your family disgraced, disemployed, and dead is an abdication of solemn moral responsibility.

God has abundantly blessed you, Ethan, with talent, wealth, love, good humor, an admirable work ethic, intelligence, and humility. As Cobra Kai taught us by way of Iron Eagle, God doesn't give people what he doesn't want them to use. From those who are given much, much is expected.

You, and other normal men who've been similarly blessed, have a moral duty to defeat these monsters, Ethan. At the end of your hopefully long, joyful time on this earth, Jesus is gonna ask for the return on his investment. Will you and other Conservatives who've received a generous patrimony say, "Here! Take the resources, courage, charity, and reason you gave me. It's all there. I buried it to keep it safe"?

You're right that we're fighting an existential conflict for the right to be normal. You're right that our enemies are monsters in human form. You know who digs for a man's greatest pain and rubs it in his face? Ask any exorcist, and ask him why everyone present for an exorcism must go to confession before confronting the Adversary who delights in accusing us of the errors born from our human weakness. There's a flashing red warning sign as to what we're dealing with.

Some may accuse me of talking out of turn. What I've written, I've written out of fraternal love for Ethan Van Sciver and all victims of SJW persecution. I speak from experience. The enemy is motivated by unreasoning hate. They can't be negotiated with, they can't be ignored, and they can't be appeased. They will never leave us alone.

Hear Ethan's story in his own words, and try to contain the righteous anger welling up in your heart.

Hatred of evil is no sin.

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The Preponderance of Evidence


Evidence continues to mount in support of my theory that something catastrophic befell Western pop culture circa 1997.

Exhibit A: Over the past year, comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver has launched a successful second career as a YouTuber. He does aspiring artist portfolio reviews and a how-to-draw instructional series, but he hit it big thanks to his laconic commentary on comics and movies--particularly Disney's butchering of Star Wars. I check in on his channel once a day to keep abreast of what normies who are just getting woke to the wholesale pillaging of their culture are up to.

In a recent video, Van Sciver goes into rather candid detail about his reasons for leaving DC Comics. He describes the typical SJW-enforced hostile work environment, even adding the usual report of cowed Conservatives holing up under their desks.

But that's neither here nor there. This video's relevance for our purposes today is that EVS makes the observation that current woes besetting the comic book industry started in the late 90s. He traces the start of the troubles to 1998, but it's close enough for punk rock.

Exhibit B: Multiple friends pointed me toward this video by session musician Rick Beato after my original post on pop culture's terminal 1997 decline. Here, Rick and a couple of his fellow musicians explain the death of rock and roll. Of note, they call the time of death at 1996.

Rock died in 1996. Comics followed in 1998. Everything else died in 1997. Piecing together the evidence, a startling picture emerges. Western pop culture, which had been a world-bestriding colossus for almost a century, suffered total collapse over a roughly eighteen month period ca. late 96-early 98. That's not an asteroid impact so much as a killer plague that swept the West like wildfire.

Identifying the exact pathogen exceeds the scope of this post and will probably take the combined efforts of guys like EVS, the larger crowd of dissident bloggers, and myself over an extended period of time. We do know there were a few survivors who evolved immunity to the cultural virus that wiped out most artists and turned others into zombie parasites shambling through the halls of our ruined institutions. It's a case of life imitating art modeled after I Am Legend.

What we do know is that the surviving remnant of Western artists have a big job on our hands rebuilding pop culture. I urge you to pick up a pen, a brush, or a camera and do your part. I'm doing mine.

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Second XSeed Preview

XSeed Preview 2

By reader demand, I proudly present a tantalizing follow up to the previous sneak preview of my upcoming mecha/Mil-SF series Combat Frame XSeed.

“The institute is entrusted with caring for the most extreme cases—those who exhibit disorders not seen in the colonies since before the Collapse.”

The doctor’s pedantic voice filtering into his cell roused Zane from his brooding. He eased himself off his bed’s foam mattress, crept across the spongy floor, and crouched beside the narrow slit in the padded steel door.

“I see.” The stern male voice kindled dim recollection in Zane’s mind. “Tell me, Doctor. How do you deal with these prisoners?”

The voices were getting closer, along with the click of footsteps on the hallway tile. There’s three of them. Two are about the same weight, wearing men’s dress shoes. One’s a lot lighter, in boots with raised heels.

“We refer to them as patients,” Zane’s doctor said. “Sadly, the cases in this ward pose a danger to themselves and others. The best we can do is keep them confined to their rooms.”

“You mean incarcerated in their cells,” said a girl whose soft voice took the harsh tone of a taskmistress. Just hearing her felt like ice water flowing down Zane’s back.

“I was speaking to your father, young lady,” the doctor said. “I’ll thank you not to interrupt.”

“My responsibilities to the Coalition afford me no time for children, Doctor,” said the second man, annoyance creeping into his stony voice.

“I apologize, Director Sanzen. I’d assumed this young woman was your daughter.”

Sanzen Kaimora? The head of the Coalition Security Corps? Zane wondered if he really was psychotic and the conversation in the hall was just a hallucination. He risked a peek through the slot in his door.

Zane already knew the graying, lab coated figure of Cody, the facility’s head of psychiatry. A tall lean man who, unlike most in the Coalition, looked used to manual labor, faced the doctor in the middle of the hall. The only hair on his head was a severe black goatee. The lapel of his charcoal gray suit bore a gold O’Neill cylinder pin—the emblem of the SOC. Definitely Sanzen. But who’s that with him?

A petite young woman stood behind Sanzen in a matching skirted suit. Black hair with a deep blue sheen fell past her shoulders to the small of her back. Dark eyes set in a pale narrow face scanned her surroundings with the calculation of an artic she-wolf. Her gaze met Zane’s, and he recoiled from the door.

“This is my adjutant Sekaino Megami,” said Sanzen. “She is here to advise me on my decision.”

“Yes, of course,” the doctor stammered. “As per your request, I’ve assembled a list of all patients who were originally part of Block 101. The first of them is right down this hall. His name is Zane Dellister. He’s been with us for several months.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Sanzen.

“Zane developed a strange form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Oddly, symptoms manifested after he arrived here in Chicago but before his unit saw combat. He was arrested in an abandoned warehouse following a rash of thefts from Seed Corporation. Evidently he’d been building his own combat frame out of parts stolen from Seed’s factory, the CSC’s own inventory, and even destroyed enemy units.”

“He sounds resourceful,” said Sanzen. “But why wasn’t he confined to the stockade?”

“Zane harbors an unhealthy attachment to this Frankenstein combat frame. He put three security personnel in the infirmary during his removal from the warehouse. Since then, he’s displayed behavior verging on dissociative identity disorder.”

“Fascinating,” Sanzen said dryly. “Put him down as a candidate for transfer to Metis, and let’s move on.”

“Who’s next on the list?” asked Megami.

The doctor’s stylus tapped on his tablet’s screen. “That would be Eiyu Masz, our most violent case. I’d advise caution in…”

Zane’s manic words drowned out the conversation outside as the doctor led his esteemed guests farther down the hall. “Did you hear that, Dead Drop?” he asked his absent combat frame. “Metis—that’s the asteroid they towed to L5. Turned it into a CSC base when they’d mined it out. They want to send me back into space. But I’m not going without you!”

A high time preference was among the personality traits that Cody said aggravated Zane’s dysfunction. That didn’t mean Zane was incapable of long-term planning. He could be patient when necessary. He just didn’t like it.

Zane had waited almost a whole hour after Cody, Sanzen, and Megami had passed back down the hallway and out of the ward to enact the escape he’d been planning for months. He stood before the mirror embedded in the wall behind a thick polymer sheet and pulled his light blue pajama shirt up over his head of buzzed, platinum blond hair. Then he stuffed the shirt down the drain of the small sink built into a wall recess and opened the taps.

His slippers came off next. These he wrapped in plastic hoarded from weeks’ worth of prepackaged meals and jammed down the tankless ceramic toilet. The water flow valve was hidden in the white padded wall, so Zane kept flushing as cold water sloshed onto the floor. He knew security was watching him over the pinhole cameras installed in his room, and he knew they’d send orderlies to deal with his misbehavior. In fact, he was counting on it.

It didn’t take long for the overflowing fixtures to flood the small room five centimeters deep. Zane lay face down in the rising water and held his breath. He was floating, and his lungs starting to burn, before the heavy door hissed open.

“He was like that for five minutes before the second shift guy came on and saw the monitor,” said a male orderly who burst into the room, fighting the outflow of water.

“Get him up,” said another man behind him. “If he drowns, it’s our asses on the line!”

Zane pushed up from the flooded floor and drove both feet into the first orderly’s stomach. The air escaped the man’s lungs in a pained gasp, and the torrent swirling around his shins assisted in knocking him backwards into his coworker.

Drawing a deep sweet breath, Zane sprang to his feet and rounded on the orderlies who lay in a sodden tangled heap outside. The man on top struggled to rise, but Zane leapt from the doorway to stomp on his chest, driving both orderlies back down. He knelt, bounced both men’s heads off the tile floor, and ripped the security badge from the top man’s white scrubs.

The exit from the ward lay down the hall to Zane’s left and around the corner to the right. But the keycard alone wouldn’t get him out. The exit used an airlock system with two doors and a small booth in-between. Only one door could be opened at a time, and the whole booth could be remotely locked down to hold an escapee till security showed up.

Which Zane was also counting on. He hauled the first orderly—a pudgy man with short brown hair—off his unconscious counterpart, bound his hands with his shirt, and stood him up. Zane positioned himself behind the semiconscious orderly and encircled the man’s neck with the chain from his extendable badge clip. He held the makeshift garrote closed with one hand while pushing him forward with the other. The fat man sputtered as they slogged down the hall.

When they reached the security door giving on the airlock, Zane opened it with the orderly’s keycard. A beige steel box waited beyond with an identical door on the far side—a door that couldn’t open until Zane shut the one behind him.

Security was certainly watching Zane’s every move. They knew he was in the airlock and that he had a hostage. The smart move would be to lock down the room when Zane closed the door and wait him out, regardless of the risk to the hostage. But Zane’s time on earth had acquainted him with a fundamental difference between himself and other colonists. Socs couldn’t stomach making hard decisions. Instead, they jumped straight to excessive force.

Zane shut the door behind him. He tightened his feebly struggling hostage’s chain and waited. Sure enough, the facing door slid open to reveal four guards in dark blue CSC uniforms. They all carried carbon polymer batons, but they hadn’t taken the time to don riot gear.

Big mistake.

“Release the hostage and get on the floor with your hands behind your head, now!” barked a security officer with tan skin and a short crewcut.

“I’m crazy-ass spaceman,” cried Zane. “I’ll do what I want!” He released the chain and kicked the orderly through the door. The security officers jumped aside, and Zane charged right between them into the outer hallway, stepping on his former hostage.

The two rearmost guards lunged at him. Zane grabbed the guard to his right by the wrist, kicked his leg out, and levered him toward his oncoming friend while prying the baton from his hand. As the second guard struggled to prop up the first’s dead weight, Zane spun to intercept the two guards who’d stood near the door but were now charging him. He ducked under a vicious swing from the guard on his right and drove the butt of his own baton into the man’s stomach.

With the man to his right down on all fours struggling to breathe, Zane launched himself at the guard on his left. His new opponent’s brown eyes widened, and he froze as Zane’s baton crashed into his temple. He folded to the ground.

The first two guards were back up. The one who still had a baton brought it down in a whirring arc at Zane’s head. Zane angled his body to one side, letting the stick blur past and punching his attacker in the throat. That made three guards writhing on the floor.

Zane let the last guard run down the hallway, yelling for help and took a detour to the right. A short sprint brought him to the commissary for low-security patients. He rushed through the pajama-clad dinner crowd, past a wall cluttered with disturbing finger paintings, and into the steamy, savory-smelling kitchen. The mostly female staff shrieked, and dropped trays crashed as Zane bolted for the back of the room and plunged down the trash chute.

The dumpster where Zane landed smelled decidedly worse than the kitchen above, but this air was free. Almost. I just need to cross the yard and get through the fence. Then I’m out, and no one will keep me from you, Dead Drop!

Zane didn’t bother looking for the baton he’d dropped upon landing on squishy trash bags and broken down cardboard boxes. He vaulted out of the reeking metal bin and took off running across the cracked asphalt of a loading dock. Broken glass stabbed his feet, but he ignored the sting and fixated on reuniting with this black combat frame.

A wide green lawn sloped down from the low gray building that housed the institute. The cool grass soothed Zane’s tortured feet as he ran for the razor wire-topped fence encircling the campus. A pair of wheeled gates flanked an enclosed guard box thirty meters away. Zane sped up, dashed across the road leading to the gate, and dove at the box.

The panicked guard inside shot at the window, sending the reinforced glass sliding away in a spiderwebbed sheet. Red hot pain engulfed Zane’s mind as a bullet slammed into his right leg. His momentum carried him through the broken window and into the screaming guard, who didn’t get off a second shot before the back of his head collided with the opposite window. He slumped back into his chair.

Breathing like a furnace, Zane hammered the gate button. More gunshots cracked behind him, and bullets ricocheted off the guard box and the fence. He ducked out of the box and rushed through the gate. But his wounded leg betrayed him. Zane stumbled and went rolling the rest of the way downhill. He splashed down in a drainage ditch at the base of the slope. A concrete pipe yawned to his left. Without thinking, Zane scrambled into the filthy darkness.

To be continued in Combat Frame XSeed, coming soon!

In the meantime, check out my already completed space adventure-horror series, the Dragon Award-winning Soul Cycle.

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier


Mech America Great Again

The big news out of this year's E3 is that there hasn't been much news out of E3. Devolver Digital has managed to liven up the rather dismal proceedings with their announcement of a remastered version of Metal Wolf Chaos. Of not is that the announcement caused a stir not in and of itself, but because of how Devolver made it.

Here's the now-infamous trailer:

It is fitting and proper in this age of Our Trumpening that a vidya studio pay homage to the Emperor's rallying cry by aspiring to #MechAmericaGreatAgain.

Surprisingly, not everyone approves of Devolver's taking a page from President Chad.


There you have it: the pronouncement from on high. Channeling the popularity of a sitting president who won in a landslide and whose approval ratings exceed Obama's and Reagan's is not OK because this furry rando who represents a demographic rounding error decrees it haram.

As for Sgt. Scruffy's exhortation to read a book, how much you wanna bet he's got a deathly hallows bumper sticker on his '96 Sentra?

Who am I kidding? He's got two.

It's good advice though. Instead of the scrawlings of a wacko harridan from UKistan, I recommend you read something that won't compel you to dress up like a dog in a pussyhat.

NB: This is why we need Alt-furry.

I leave you with this video from the redoubtable Mr. Metokur, who tackles the Furry Question head on (skip to 0:2:25).

P.S. With both MAGA and mecha ensconced in the popular zeitgeist, Combat Frame XSeed is looking to be even more fortuitously timed than I'd thought. #MechAmericaGreatAgain #AGundamForUs

P.P.S. Following up on yesterday's post chronicling the glorious un-cucking of Dragon Con, Superversive Press is crowdfunding a trip to the con for their based editor and authors. Dig Deep!


Dragon Con Fires SJW

Dragon Con

In a refreshing turn of events, the Dragon Con admins appear to have learned from their past mistakes.

Author Jon Del Arroz has the story:
Dragon Con faced a quiet coup attempt by their Literary Track head named Charlotte Stromborn. She was originally in charge of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern track when Dragon Con had separate literary events going on, but after the author’s passing, it was folded into the overall literary genre. She has always been an activist on her social media, espousing extreme left wing ideology and often ranting about harassment.
Over the weekend, it was announced that she would be parting ways with the convention. It appeared as if Ms. Stromborn attempted to get NYT Bestsellers Larry Correia and John Ringo banned from Dragon Con similarly to how other conventions were treating them over their conservative views. She stated on twitter “If you think there are some good arguments to be made for the inclusion of voices like Correia’s and Ringo’s ya all can also talk* to me.  *don’t talk to me, ever.”
Her passive aggressive statement made it clear that in the name of “inclusivity” she wanted to make sure voices were banned that had any sort of differing opinions than the lockstep SJW elites. This is odd as Correia has been a large part of Dragon Con for years and has never been accused of causing an issue at the convention. Her rabble rousing was clearly over the line to Dragon Con as well.
Regular readers will recall that last year, the Dragon Awards administrators caved to SJW pressure and allowed CHORFs like N.K. Jemisin and John Scalzi to withdraw their nominations--before Scalzi withdrew his withdrawal and lost.

How did Dragon Con respond to the shrill SJW stirring up trouble this year?

They fired her.
Dragon Con decided that alienating half the country was not worth the loud-mouthed SJWs who only accept people who are just like them, as Ms. Stromborn wanted the convention to be.
Her refusing to back down unless certain authors were uninvited and Dragon Con taking a stand against the attempted political mobbing marks the first time a convention has openly gone against the SJW hate mob. This is a big shift in culture as people are fast learning that the SJWs don’t actually create “inclusive spaces” they actively attempt to exclude normal people which eventually shuts down a convention, or kills the audience off and harms a group financially.
When my readers joined last year's 8000 Dragon Award voters and helped to shut out every CHORF on the ballot, I predicted that the Dragons would thenceforth be safe from further SJW meddling. Dragon Con's firing of an SJW entryist shows that they have indeed learned that alienating half the country is a bad idea. Pat yourselves on the back for helping to drive home that lesson.

It's comforting to know there's at least one convention we won't have to fork and replace.

The price of poz-free awards is eternal vigilance. Do your part by nominating your favorite books, games, TV shows, movies, and more for the 2018 Dragon Awards!

And check out my thrilling Soul Cycle adventure series, including Dragon Award winner Souldancer and Dragon Award finalist The Secret Kings.

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier


Galactic Christendom

Five Star Stories

For some time now, myself and other indie authors have been urging talented writers who uphold the ideals of Western civilization to get off the bench and in the reader-pleasing, culture-making game.

It's my unalloyed pleasure to share the news that friend of the blog Bradford Walker has taken up the gauntlet that the SJWs ruining science fiction have thrown down. He has taken on the formidable task of writing and publishing his debut novel The Matter of the Milky Way: The Taking of Gabriella Robin.

Here's the author's description:
Action! Romance! Giant Robot Combat! This is Space Opera, folks, a core part of the Pulps of old and of the Pulp Revolution now. Space Knights, Space Princesses, Space Battleships, True Love, and Wondrous Adventure- all against a backdrop of a far future where Mankind dwells amongst the starts in Galactic Christendom.
If that doesn't get your fingers itching to dig into this book's as-yet unprinted pages, turn in your man of the West card. I can't wait to read The Matter of the Milky Way, and I know my loyal and cherished readers share that sentiment.

Indie publishing affords authors the greatest freedom in charting the course of their careers and offers the greatest potential for commercial success. However, there ain't no free lunch. An indie author has to foot the initial production costs himself, and that is the first challenge Bradford faces in his quest to bring you heroic, action-packed entertainment.

Happily, Mr. Walker has given us a way to help make his pulp opus a reality. He has just launched a Freestartr campaign to fund The Matter of the Milky Way: The Taking of Gabriella Robin. Show an up-and-coming indie author your support, and invest in swashbuckling giant robot adventure that's sure to pay big dividends.

Regress science fiction harder. Support Bradford Walker's Freestartr today.

#StarWarsNotStarWars #AGundamForUs


The Two Rulebooks


As a follow up to my recent post about a Catholic wonk struggling to comprehend the cultural and spiritual forces arrayed against the Church and the West, reader Xavier passes along an example of a Catholic blogger who's starting to get it.

Wherein Fr. Z contemplates how the Left wins by keeping one rulebook for themselves and imposing another on everyone else:
One thing’s for sure: conservatives and traditionalists are lousy at organizing and fighting back in the public square. In fact, too many times they turn on each other, which makes the Enemy cheer us on.
The Left is good at setting aside small differences for the sake of a larger goal – which usually has to do with destroying something good, true and beautiful. They even can work with enemies, as in the case of the inexplicable alliance the Left seems to have with radical Islam (cf. Andrew McCarthy’s book US HERE – UK HERE).
One of the things one learns from a) coming from a state where a caucus system is in place, or b) working within an organization that follows rules of order, is that c) to govern you have to show up and that d) to take control you have to use – or change – the rules.
Conservatives' major Achilles' heel is an intractable tendency toward legal positivism. Or to put it in D&D terms, they're lawful stupid.

This habitual handicap comes into sharp focus when Fr. Z quotes former DOJ election lawyer J. Christian Adams writing for PJ Media:
Others have used the term “post-constitutional” to describe the current era in which we live.  Most of us remember a time not long ago when the Constitution and the Rule of Law weren’t under open attack by so many institutions.
What do I mean by post-constitutional? There are couple of characteristics.
Law is used by those in power – often bureaucrats – to advance their ideological views through their power.  Law is no longer a fixed, largely agreed upon principle.  Instead it is becoming something elastic, subjective, defined by the latest best argument cooked up at Harvard Law School or Yale.
It's quite a spectacle to see a Constitutional Conservative finally starting to realize that positive law may not be the inviolable divine principle he thought it was. He still can't bring himself to admit the whole truth, though.

The fact is--and any Catholic worth his salt should know this--that all Modern law, including the US Constitution, is fundamentally elastic, subjective, and defined by those in charge of administering it. The Constitution was never based on ironclad syllogisms constructed from unchanging first principles. It was always based on compromise. Classical Liberalism itself is ordered toward letting everyone maximally pursue their individual preferences; not truth.
In the good old days, law was the great leveler.  We could all agree on the basics.  Everybody essentially agreed that election law, my field, was designed to ensure the integrity of the process.
If we learned that large number of noncitizens, aliens, for example, were registering to vote – something I’ll discuss shortly – then all sides, Democrat, independent and Republican, would look for fixes.  Nobody would cook up excuses to defend the practice, excuse the practice or preserve alien voting.  It would be confronted and fixed.
I have to ask Adams when, exactly, were those "good old days" to which he refers when all parties would unite to combat voter fraud? They certainly must predate 1982, when the GOP signed a legal agreement with the DNC not to investigate Democrat voter fraud.

Adams' blind spot becomes glaringly apparent when he retires to his fainting couch over Georgetown (Make the Jesuits Suppressed Again) law professor Louis Seidman's summary disqualification of the Constitution based on its authorship by dead, white, slave-owning men.
Enemies of the Constitution are now hiding in plain sight.
They're not enemies of the Constitution. The Constitution is legal document drawn up by the American people, who existed long before the Constitution did. Leftist hacks like Seidman are enemies of the people.

But dyed in the wool Constitutional Conservatives like Adams are too caught up in abstract idealism to see what Seidman's real target is.
When I say they hide in plain sight, these are the things I mean.  There are many more examples of outright hostility to the Constitution becoming mainstream.
These are threats to our Constitutional order against which, I will submit, our old means of defense are largely ineffective.
Your old means of defense are ineffective because you are falling for--and now willfully embracing--the enemy's misdirection.

They're not hostile to the Constitution. They're not threatening our Constitutional order. They hate and are threatening Americans. The enemy's attacks on the Constitution are a means to the end of dismantling the few feeble protections positive law still affords the people.

The law was made for man; not man for the law.

Americans made the Constitution to order their national affairs. The "good old days" Adams speaks of were the days before America's traitorous leaders imported and gave amnesty to an invasion force of millions of non-Americans. Who could have foreseen that drastically altering the nation's demographic balance would undermine civic order?

Oh wait. The Catechism of the Catholic Church did:
2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.
Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants' duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.
It's the great Both And. You can't insist on the first paragraph in isolation from the second. There's a precise theological term for picking and choosing which parts of Christian doctrine you want to believe, and that term is heresy.


Back to Fr. Z, who shows he understands the Left's diabolical strategy:
Keep bashing away and wearing down your opponent through insistence on process.  (“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” … “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”)   Endless court cases… endless accusations and filings and complaints and indictments….  Fight every law, decision, election, finding and drive it back into the courts.  Keep asserting the same referenda over and over and over, until they drive through.
The Left has won the culture war by holding their enemies to the old book of rules while writing a new and ever-changing rulebook for themselves. The Conservative Establishment (aka the Washington Generals of politics) have aided and abetted the Left by diligently policing their own side according to the old rules.

NB: This is why accusing Leftists of hypocrisy doesn't work. You're calling them out according to the old rules that they know are just for suckers.
On a positive note: perhaps traditionalists could make use of this dedication in a parish by being always the ones to show up for parish events, being the first to volunteer for something to be handled, making themselves indispensable to the pastor, the choir director, the religious ed coordinator.  Show up and transform.
Yeah… that‘s gonna happen.   Too often, people show up for “their Mass” and then disappear, having even ignored or undernourished the collection basket.
I think that has to change.
It won't do much good for non-heretics to show up and participate in the process if they backslide into the bad habits that lost them the culture in the first place. Specifically, traditionalists in church administrations operated on the same legal positivism as Conservatives. They never imagined that anyone would simply ignore the rules and use them as a club to bludgeon their enemies.

What has to change is that Christian traditionalists and the political Right must start playing by the new rules the Left has made. And much like Democrat voting practices, the new rules are Chicago rules.


Every Man an Island


Study the downward trajectory of Western civilization long enough, and you start to notice certain trends. One dyscivic development that almost certainly affects you but goes largely unremarked upon is the increasing isolation and atomization of men.

The decline in (actually the suppression of--more on that later) male socializing and solidarity is an odd phenomenon, in large part because many opine about the particular effects but never make the connections that would let the whole picture emerge.

Christian feminists wring their hands over plummeting marriage rates while browbeating young men to "man up" and marry girls with scores of sex partners and a half-dozen infanticides in their wake. Tech feminists trumpet dwindling male workforce participation and crow about how "men are over". Feminist academics impose ever more draconian diktats governing relations between the sexes while the archetypal college boy becomes an endangered species on campus.

Men aren't just vanishing from the family, the workplace, and higher education. Fraternal organization memberships are also in steep decline. It's tempting to lay the blame on generation gaps and changes in technology, and there's some truth in those theories. But the real source of the crisis is much more deliberate and insidious.

It's not due to generational differences that the Boy Scouts now admit girls.

An international alliance of protesters mobilized the authorities--including the Australian Navy--to thwart a series of planned meetups organized by PUA guru Roosh V. The stated purpose of these meetups was simply for men who shared common interests to get together for drinks and discussion. In response, they had the military called on them.

White male Star Wars fans--the franchise's core audience--have repeatedly been told by Disney that they are no longer wanted in Star Wars fandom.

Once you notice the pattern, you can't unsee it. Men aren't abandoning traditional male associations and activities. Men are no longer allowed to have exclusively male organizations or participate in all-male activities.

Look for shills to pop up in the comments to glibly dismiss these empirically established trends with rhetorical disqualifications like "conspiracy theory" and "paranoia". To preempt the useful idiots, let's take a trip down memory lane to yesterday's post. The Commie infiltrators in the State Department and Hollywood used the same playbook to demonize the relatively ineffective and now vindicated Joe McCarthy.

The ostracizing and hectoring of men has gotten so bad that the effects are spilling over from Wall Street to Main Street and into our homes. The guy featured in that article about the Kiwanis serves as a decent sample of the typical Gen X, Gen Y, or Millennial male. He struggles to make time for the club, citing conflicting responsibilities at work and at home. Note that he invokes having a single three year-old child as a pressing demand on his time. The guys who swelled the club's ranks in the 50s through the 80s often had two, three, or even five kids and worked grueling factory jobs.

Decades ago, hardworking family men would routinely get together to socialize and pursue common interests. This simple activity now seems like a herculean feat. Why?

Darts Competition
A darts competition in the 1950s with zero women present. Practically unthinkable today.
A major factor is the steadily rising female workforce participation rate. Historically, about one-third of women needed to work at least temporarily to support themselves before marriage or in widowhood. Society could cope with that 30%, but women now outnumber men in the workforce, and this inversion is having a host of unforeseen dyscivic effects.

Let's hit the high notes.
  • Women are increasingly completing college and starting careers before marrying and having children, contributing to the decline in marriage and birth rates.
  • Doubling female workforce participation from 30% to 60% has had the same effect on wages as mass immigration. When the supply of labor goes up, the price of labor goes down. Now many families can't afford to get by on a single income. Mom has to work, so Dad has to sacrifice civic service, hobbies, and friendships to help watch the kids.
  • As noted above in the Scouts example, decades of protests and lawfare have effectively criminalized male-only organizations.
Most commenters who lament this lopsided state of affairs like to wag their fingers at the hypocrisy of women-only outfits like Curves. But they're missing the underlying social dynamic. Men don't have an innate drive to invade traditionally female associations. The reverse is not true of women, because The sexes form and join organizations for different reasons.

Men form associations to advance a common goal and engage in healthy, hierarchy-establishing competition.

Women join associations to advance their own individual status and scout for high-status men who might be relationship material.

Exhibit A: Sarah Hoyt &co. wrapping Sad Puppies around a lamppost the second they were handed the keys.

Taken together in context, these observations tell you everything you need to know about why men are being subtly discouraged and downright actively forbidden from forming civic organizations, families, and even friendships. It is proper to the masculine nature to organize for the purpose of effecting change in the world. If you benefit from the status quo, the last thing you want is a population of denigrated, despised, and outcast men to get together and share ideas.

The powers that be anticipated this snag, too. That's why we've had an endless stream of legislation and corporate policy aimed at coddling women. "Control the coinage and the courts, and let the rabble have the rest" is outdated. Our elites have figured out that letting women have make-work jobs and government subsidized sex candy lets the managerial class control men.

It's important to accept that the cavalry isn't coming. For reasons known only to them, our forefathers who fought in two world wars and built America up from a mostly agrarian backwater to an industrial superpower gave away everything they made in the vain hope of pleasing their women.

Past generations of men got us into this mess. Only we can get ourselves out. A comprehensive plan is beyond the scope of this blog, but here are some general tips to get you started where you are.
  1. Stop putting women on pedestals. Movies, TV, and your parents probably told you to defer to your wives and girlfriends at all times. They lied. Three generations of men have tried the supplication route and succeeded only in causing an epidemic of divorces--70% of which are initiated by women.
  2. Similar to 1: Your wife/GF is not your "life", your "soul mate", or your "best friend". She is a fallen human being whose vocation is to be your helpmeet and the mother of your children.
  3. Neither is she your boss. Women are spiritually and biologically designed to follow men. They may tell you they want to be equal partners in the relationship. This is a test. You fail it, and maker her miserable, if you cave. Start leading.
  4. It is neither normal nor healthy for a man to spend all of his time around women and children. Men need the company of other men for their own self-development and happiness. That Western men have been reduced to atomized consumers relegated to man-caves in the basements and garages of houses they own is by fiendish design. Peel yourself away from your "better half" for a few hours a week to start a club, join a bowling league, or just get together with your male friends.
Follow these steps for a month, and you'll be amazed at how much less of an obsequious pseudoadolescent soyboy you become. Who knows? You might even save Christendom.

While you're at it, cut the cord, ditch Hollywood, and read some stories of ordinary men tackling extraordinary challenges. You'll find a sampling of them in my fun, adventurous, and chilling collection Strange Matter, available now absolutely free.

Strange Matter - Brian Niemeier


With the Cunning of Satan

Cinema Lenin

Purple prose polemicist Razörfist shoots down the commie fabrication of "Tail Gunner Joe" as an  inquisitorial bully who led a political witch hunt against innocent Americans.

From the transcript [NSFW language]:
Joe McCarthy, the man whose theatrics, hard-drinking, and self-destructive accusations once led President Truman to describe him as quote, “the best friend the Kremlin ever had?" Point blank, he never held one--not one--hearing about Hollywood communists.
Drink it in, dipshits. You were lied to. The Army-McCarthy hearings were held to confront not celluloid socialism, but rumored communist corruption within the government and armed forces. Again, not the fucking film business.
The first clue should have been the name the House Un-American Activities Committee. How could Senator Joe McCarthy hold a hearing in the House of Representatives?  Furthermore, they don't fit the fucking time frame, either. The McCarthy hearings came over a half decade later in the mid 50s after two major inquests of Hollywood, both of which were infinitely more productive than the McCarthy hearings. The fact that despite this crucial distinction, we still somehow call the Hollywood blacklist hearings the McCarthy hearings is evidence of retroactive Hollywood propaganda. In practice and you should be wary of any teacher, politician, actor, or Antifa aspie who employs the fucking term. 
You may be surprised, in fact, to learn the man who investigated, exposed, and was ultimately character assassinated and ostracized by communists and their trade union thralls in Hollywood, was not a hard-drinking, fire-breathing republican conservative, but a lifelong liberal union man and dyed in the dogshit democrat named Roy Brewer. Ever heard his name? Of course you fucking haven’t, because given his background, he's virtually impossible for the Left to demonize. And thus George Clooney didn't make a shit film about him.
That the term “McCarthyism” was originally coined in the pages of Communist Party dick rag The Daily Worker should tell you all you need to know about how heavily the House Un-American Activities Committee narrative has been curated by the modern Left. 
If your knowledge of Joseph McCarthy comes from the American education system, the mainstream media, or pop culture, you're operating based on pure Communist propaganda that's relentlessly reinforced by our converged institutions.

Do you find the scope and magnitude of such a lie hard to believe? Consider the massive gaslighting attempts perpetrated on their own audiences by games journalists, Big Two comic book creators, and Disney shills. Then ask yourself how the whole entertainment industry became a monolithic chorus of Leftist agitprop, seemingly overnight. The answer, as Razörfist points out, is that it didn't happen overnight. The cultural Marxists have been in Hollywood for a long time. And then as now, they mobilize to mercilessly destroy anyone who threatens their dominance.

Still not convinced? Watch Razör's meticulously researched (and foulmouthed as a longshoreman) video.

Welcome back. You're likely in shock about how utterly you've been lied to by everyone your whole life. And you're probably mad as hell. You're about to go from mad to volcanically enraged as you watch this presentation from philosopher Stefan Molyneux that delves into the fine details Razör advised you to research.

If we in the West are to have honest entertainment that champions fun, beauty, and heroism without an ulterior political motive, we'll need to launch a two-pronged attack aimed at retaking converged media organs and creating our own parallel art. Luckily, many talented storytellers are committed to the latter task. I'm honored to be one of the wordsmiths wielding his pen to preserve the West, and I gladly offer my humble wares for free to get fun tales of action, mystery, and weirdness into your hands.

Strange Matter - Brian Niemeier


Top Subgenres

Author Jon Del Arroz recently passed along this intriguing chart from SFWA's Nebula Awards presentation. H/t Bradford Walker.

Science Fiction eBook Sales

The numbers must have come as a shock to the creative writing degree holders and Clarion Workshop grads at SFWA. Meanwhile, anyone who's been watching the market knows that the ideologically driven, realism-influenced SF that routinely wins Nebula and Hugo awards is less relevant than Sanskrit beat poetry.

None of this comes as a surprise to the legions of readers who've been following Jason Anspach and Nick Cole's Galaxy's Edge series or the works of Richard Fox. (Re: the Hugos, it's no coincidence that both Nick and Richard are Dragon Award winners.) Mil-SF, adventure, and post-apocalyptic books dominate the sci-fi market. Campbellian hard SF barely cracks the top ten, while Worldcon favorites like anthologies and pozzed fiction go over like BLTs in London.

Another key insight this graph spells out is that short fiction is dead as Dillinger. The short story's demise is by design. The Campbellians and Futurians took over the big anthologies and magazines decades ago. Find me an SF fan who religiously read Analog, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, or Asimov's since the 70s (or before in the first two cases), and I'll show you a fan who's since cancelled his subscription.

The SF short story market collapsed because the gatekeepers deliberately banished escapism, heroism, and action from the format. They tried to murder novels, too, and they almost got away with it. Amazon has been the science fiction genre's saving grace. The tradpub gatekeepers didn't see it coming, which tells you how little they know their own industry.

Since at least the 1940s, the sciffy literati have been working to purge any trace of masculinity from the genre. They purposefully strove to replace the Shadow, Doc Savage, and Conan with Kickass Strong Female Characters™ , Scalzified soyboy snarkitrons, and androgyne sideshow attractions. Men responded by abandoning print sci-fi in droves at the reader, author, and editor levels. They were supposed to have nowhere to run.

Amazon utterly wrecked the tradpub gatekeepers' plans. By giving indie authors a viable sales channel that totally disintermediated the Big Five, they let dispossessed male authors write the action-adventure stories they wanted to write. And mirabile dictu, the male readers who'd been run out of tradpub came flocking back. Build it, and they will come.

A corollary to this rule is that wherever you see shills professing that some science fiction media property needn't appeal to young men, you know the IP has been converged by Morlocks who are trying to destroy it.

Mil-SF is king. Long may it reign.

Combat Frame XSeed promises to be an even wilder ride than I'd expected.

In the meantime, I'm pleased to report that the sci-fi short story may be due to rise from its grave. Outfits like Cirsova, Superversive Press (whose #1 anthology Forbidden Thoughts featured my own best selling short "Elegy for the Locust"), and even my own Strange Matter collection have been bringing fun, action-packed short fiction back. You can now get the thrilling, chilling, and startling Strange Matter anthology absolutely free.

Strange Matter - Brian Niemeier