Pure Narrative-spinning

Comments from a number of readers about the upcoming midterm elections. occasioned this follow up to a previous post.

The mainstream media's assertion that married suburban women will abandon the GOP in droves over the Kavanaugh affair is pure narrative-spinning. They don't cite numbers because the numbers show women believed Ford even less than men did. You can't kid a kidder.

More actual numbers: Early voting and absentee ballots in 11/12 House districts that have reported so far--the 12th is in California--show Republicans turning out in greater numbers than Democrats.

That in itself is nothing to write home about. The story usually goes that Republicans outnumber Democrats in absentee voting, and then the Dems balance it out on election day.

What is remarkable is that A) Early Republican voting is surpassing even 2016 numbers, and B) Democrats are underperforming--not just below 2016 numbers, but below 2014 numbers.

Historically, Dems suffer a slump in voter turnout during midterms. They need presidential election-level turnout to get a blue wave. Instead, they're already falling short of the previous midterms.

Remember that SJW's always project. What's really happening is that only about 20% of Democrat voters are fired up. That's basically the wine aunt and male feminist set. Normal women don't care. Neither do blacks and Latinos. The old blue-collar base is horrified that their own party might do to them what they did to Kavanaugh.

Listen to what the MSM and the Dem leadership are saying. They're not talking like high energy people with confidence. Instead they're freaking out over NPC memes. Meanwhile, their court astrologers like Nate Silver quietly walk back their predictions of triumph.

That stuff about flipping suburban seats blue is more projection in response to early voting results. Two Dem seats everybody thought were safe just moved into the toss-up category. Wyoming, which tracks changes in party affiliation, reports that 12,000 people switched parties, and 90% of them switched to the GOP.

These aren't poll numbers, which are projections of opinion. These are hard, empirical data. What the data say is that Dems have lost momentum while GOP voters are fired up. And the GE keeps fanning the flames with tough talk on immigration.

Now, I'm not saying this is a done deal. Whatever you do, don't get complacent. I still don't see a Red Wave yet. What I am seeing is pretty much what I expected to happen, and at this point I think it's enough to back up my prediction of the GOP narrowly holding the House while gaining 4 or 5 seats in the Senate.

Even if the Dems pull off an upset in the House, I'm not worried. The Lefty pollsters are already admitting that the GOP is guaranteed to keep the Senate, so the worst we'll get is two more years of Congressional deadlock. Meanwhile, Cocaine Mitch will keep pushing through Trump's judges while the GE mocks the Dems' futile impeachment attempts. We're either in for one night of exquisite triumph or barrels of fun spread out over two years. God really does give superabundantly.

Commenter Alex says:
You speak a lot of sense Brian. I’m inclined to see things your way—admittedly, I’m biased, but I’m also numbers guy and a cultural observer, and this ain’t 2012. 
I'm not a numbers guy, but I am a cultural observer, and I take careful note of which numbers guys have reliable track records.

GOP absentee/early voter turnout is above 2016 levels, and corresponding Dem numbers are below 2014 levels. 2016 voter turnout was 60%, while 2014 turnout was 36%. Starting from this baseline it's highly unlikely that Republican turnout will fall below 2014 or that Democrats beat their 2016 performance. With that in mind, here are the possible outcomes I see for the midterms:

  • GOP 2016+/Dems 2014- = Red Tsunami.
  • GOP 2016+/Dems 2014 = Red Wave.
  • GOP 2016+/Dems 2016 = Red Tide.

  • GOP 2016/Dems 2014- = Red Wave.
  • GOP 2016/Dems 2014 = Red Tide.
  • GOP 2016/Dems 2016 = Status quo.

  • GOP 2014/Dems 2014- = Red Wave.
  • GOP 2014/Dems 2014 = Status Quo.
  • GOP 2014/Dems 2016 = Blue Wave.

There is one scenario out of the nine possible that results in a Blue Wave. Only one. That is for the Dems to turn out in presidential election numbers while Republicans turn out in numbers comparable to the prior midterms. Current data show the exact opposite happening. However, Republican turnout does tend to wane slightly on election day while Democrat turnout increases. That's why I'm sticking with a GOP 2016/Dems 2014 Red Tide final tally.


Are You an NPC?


If you frequent dissident social media, you may have noticed a lull in the meme wars over the past year. Posting a Pepe or MAGApede meme would like as not get you labeled a Boomer. The salt flow had dried to a trickle as SJWs walled themselves into hugboxes behind block bots. Some feared the meme magic that had won the 2016 election had deserted us.

O ye, of little faith! Despair not, for the anons have delivered unto us a killing meme.

Meet the NPC.


The best part? Chances are you've already met the NPC. At work, at school, and online, he probably has you surrounded. Instant familiarity is just one reason this meme works so perfectly.

Obligatory definition for normies; "NPC" stand for "non-payer character". They're the computer-controlled characters in role-playing games who Recite the same scripts and perform the same repetitive actions no matter how many times you interact with them.

How did NPCs become a meme? Let's go straight to the source.

Are You an NPC

In short, a meatspace NPC is someone with no inner dialogue who espouses a herd mentality and exclusively parrots boilerplate soundbites lifted from Buzzfeed, Hollywood movies, and late night talk show comedians.

Examples from the field:

Public School

Television Comedian

Superhero Movie Spam

Another beautiful part of the NPC meme is that it paints and homes in on its targets like a laser-guided missile. If you are offended by the NPC meme, then you are an NPC.

Note that the NPC meme wasn't originally aimed at the Left, but they immediately flew into a spittle-flecked tantrum about it. Twitter hastily banned the meme.

It's like the good old days of two years ago are back, complete with SJWs trying to co-opt the meme for themselves and failing miserably because they're definitionally incapable of understanding it.

Here are some cursed NPC memes from Leftoids.

The Left Can't Meme 1

Try not to fall asleep at your desk while trudging through the wall of code text in that counterfeit meme. It's not just excessively wordy--note to SJW memesters: Memes are rhetoric, visual rhetoric at that, and brevity is the soul of wit--it's all wrong from start to finish. The NPC meme triggers SJWs so hard because a) it confronts them with the slavish conformity to the Narrative demanded by their cult and b) the only way to refute it is by publicly stating disagreement with some part of the Narrative, which would mean risking expulsion from the cult.

Conversely, name two people on the Right who haven't bickered publicly over some point of principle. You're lucky if you can get two Conservatives to agree on pizza toppings. Attempts to use the NPC meme against the Right fail out of the gate because the Right being a herd of cats is itself a meme.

Next up:

The Left Can't Meme 2

Such thoughtless aping of the NPC meme which, by the fact of its posting reveals the shallow Leftoid who posted it as an NPC, needs no more rebuttal than this:

Horse NPC


Twitter Dialogue Clinic

When social media isn't being perverted to censor dissidents and manipulate elections, it sometimes achieves its intended purpose of bringing people who share common interests together. Occasionally you even see useful ideas being exchanged.

A case in point recently occurred on Twitter, where a number of award-winning and best selling science fiction authors held an impromptu clinic on writing dialogue. Yours truly even chimed in at the end.

Dialogue 1

Dialogue 2

Dialogue 3

Root out "As you know, Jim" maid and butler dialogue. Your sentences work for you. Put them on double duty. Following these rules will give your writing a significant leg up on the dreary workshopped prose that NY publishers are trying to pass off as cutting edge sci-fi these days.


Polls Are Propaganda

Blue Flush

Wherein I respond to a commenter who expressed trepidation about the rising Red Tide:
Hmm, a lotta sources you posted still seem iffy on a republican blitzkrieg. Typical bet hedging? Democratic bias? Whaddya think? RCP still for some unfathomable reason has the AZ senate race as a toss up
I don't think we're in for a Republican blitzkrieg. A rising tide is not a wave. From the outset I predicted that Trump would drag the GOP across the finish line, and that's exactly what he's doing.

Polls are not meant to accurately forecast election outcomes. They are propaganda designed to raise your side's morale and demoralize the other side.

Most of the alleged toss-ups are nothing of the kind. RCP's reporting on the AZ race is a perfect example. The polls they cite are about two weeks old. They predate Sinema's "Crazy Arizonans" implosion and revelations of her ties to deeply unsavory people. An updated report from October 11 has McSally up by 6. If you ask actual Arizonans, they'll tell you Sinema is done.

That's the con these pollsters run every election cycle, and people always fall for it. Fox News themselves reported that 29 of the 31 toss-up races are in staunch Republican districts. What's happening is the pollsters are manipulating the numbers--by using old results, oversampling Democrats, massaging the figures, etc.--to make Democrat voters think they have a chance of winning. That's been the Dems' strategy since 2016. Don't fall for it. The fact that Fox News pointed out the con only to immediately fall for it themselves shows they're only marginally more reliable than the rest of the MSM.

The Blue Wave was always just Lefty agitprop. They don't even try to make the polls look plausible anymore. You'd think they'd recheck their math when every other metric from GOP affiliation overtaking the Dems, to voter enthusiasm, to the DNC going broke while the RNC's coffers overflow, indicates a Republican landslide victory.

The only two factors the Dems had going for them were coastal bubble dwellers' hatred of Trump and the GOPe's failure to deliver on the MAGA agenda. While some claimed the Kavanaugh confirmation would energize the Dem base as much as the GOP, it hasn't panned out that way. Only thrice-divorced pussyhatters are salivating over promises of impeaching the GE and his High Inquisitor. The Democrat yeomanry: blue collar stiffs and teachers' union Boomers, are shaken by what their leadership did to Coach K. Meanwhile, the Dems' pushing Ford's BS didn't play as expected with normal women. You can't kid a kidder.

That's not even accounting for the elephant in the room. The Democrats are completely dependent upon minorities turning out to vote in significant numbers. I haven't seen figures to this effect, but looking at the demographic makeup of the SCOTUS protesters gives the impression that blacks and Latinos didn't particularly care about the Kavanuagh circus. Minorities have low voter turnout to start with, they historically vote in even lower numbers during midterms, and they don't have a pressing reason to turn out now, excepting some Democrat noises about abolishing ICE.

In that vein, much has been made of Kanye West's meeting with Trump. If black support for Republicans increases by 10%, the Democrats are finished as a national party. The Kanye Summit is unlikely to have moved the needle that far. What it may have done is convince black voters to stay home in enough numbers to hobble the Democrats' efforts.


Red Tide

Red Tide

Political commentators have been predicting that the outcome of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's stormy Senate confirmation would have a noticeable impact on the upcoming midterm elections. Now the numbers are coming in, and we are witnessing an unmistakable Kavanaugh effect.
In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Republicans are going to remain in control of both the House and the Senate in a couple of weeks.  Since their flawless victory over the Democrats in the fight to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Republican base is more energized now than at any point since November 2016.
Earlier I reported on the dramatic closing of Nate Silver's much-hyped Enthusiasm Gap. The formerly ambivalent Republican base suddenly got fired up, and that was before Cocaine Mitch confirmed Judge Dredd.

Even had Kavanaugh been defeated, the current tightening of the Congressional races shouldn't be a surprise. This is what always happens: Democrat pollsters gush about biased polling results showing the blue team overperforming for months as a propaganda tool to depress Republican turnout. Then they rapidly walk back their lavish forecasts so they can maintain their accuracy ratings. True to form, the almighty Blue Wave is breaking.
Overall, we’re moving nine races: five away from Democrats and four away from Republicans. Of the 73 races we’re tracking as at least somewhat competitive, 26 now lean toward the GOP, 16 lean toward the Dems and 31 are toss-ups.
Now, Fox News says that the Democrats only need to win 10 of those 31 toss-up races, but here's an important factor that makes a blue team win more daunting than it sounds.
The thing about those toss ups, though, is that they are almost completely in Republican territory.
Even races the Dems thought were in the bag are slipping through their fingers. Young Kim is leading over Gil Cisneros in Califormia. Florida Democrats had to replace a popular candidate who won her primary by 77% after she died suddenly. Also in Florida, Republican Maria Elvira Salazar is pulling away from Clinton stooge Donna Shalala.

I wonder why.
The Senate is looking even better as Zodiac is trouncing Paddy O'Bama. Elsewhere, Captain Marvel has pulled ahead of Problem Glasses to replace Flake, and the hag who crossed the Virgin Chad is going to pay.

Only your vote can summon the Red Tide, so take heart but don't get complacent. And invest in popcorn futures.


Character Data: Sekaino Megami

Time for a new twist on the Combat Frame data posts I've been making in the run up to XSeed's launch. Now that Ashion 101, the third artist in my international team of publishing experts, has furnished the series' inaugural character drawing, it's my pleasure to present the first Combat Frame XSeed character profile: Sekaino Megami.

Sekaino Megami

Coalition Security Director Sanzen Kaimora is seldom seen without his young assistant. Though just fourteen, Megami is often entrusted with the day-to-day operations of the Director's office. She remains quiet and deferential in public to the point of going unnoticed, but in conversation she displays a precocious depth of knowledge to rival her mentor's military history expertise.

Most Coalition officials discount Megami's role as a conspicuous display of personal clout on Sanzen's part. SOC Governor Prem Naryal mockingly calls her Sanzen's "intern". Based on appearances, Megami may be nothing more than Sanzen's status symbol. Yet merely locking eyes with her cowed violent mental patient Zane Dellister.

Backer Update: All perks are currently on schedule for fulfillment. Each item will be shipped as soon as it's ready. Progress continues on the Build-a-Mech CF. Keep an eye on this blog for its imminent unveiling!


Vigorous Vulgar Language


Three years after I cited Aftermath as the canary in Star Wars' coal mine, the author of the poorly written SJW message fic in question, soiboi poster child Chuck Wendig, has been informed his services are no longer needed.
Chuck Wendig, the New York Times-bestselling author of the Star Wars: Aftermath series of novels, has been fired by Marvel Entertainment, he said on Twitter Friday. That leaves the fate of a number of previously announced Star Wars projects he was attached to left uncertain as a result.
In a series of tweets, Wendig, who was working on both the five-issue Shadow of Vader mini-series and an additional, as-yet-unannounced Star Wars series for the publisher, revealed that he had been fired by Marvel in the middle of his work on the titles because, in his words, “of the negativity and vulgarity that my tweets bring. Seriously, that’s what Mark [Paniccia], the editor said. It was too much vulgarity, too much negativity on my part.”
To put Wendig's firing in perspective, keep in mind that Disney just renewed Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy's contract despite the franchise's disastrous performance under her leadership. The only major creative talent who's gotten the axe from a blockbuster Disney property so far is former Guardians of the Galaxy writer-director James Gunn, and they had to dig up a toxic waste dump of pedophilia jokes to justify canning him. What level of vulgarity and negativity on Wendig's part are we dealing with here?

I'll show you. [WARNING! NSFW]


Profanity aside, the depth of Wendig's immersion in the SJW cult is striking. He starts projecting right off the bat. Note to Wendig and other soon-to-be-a-permanent-reviled-minority leftoids: It's not Republicans who are accosting Senators in their driveways, hounding them out of restaurants, and whacking people with bike locks; all to keep baby murder legal. You want to see complicity with evil, look in the mirror. It might also cure you of that soy grimace. Seriously, you look like your muppet wrangler's on bath salts.

In between projecting his ideologically driven blood lust onto his opposition, Wendig adds a spot of gaslighting to browbeat us into thinking of Clown World as normal. No, Chuck. Elected officials advancing their constituents' interests over the screeching of hysterical psychos by, say, confirming eminently qualified judges who make the Boy Scouts look like MS-13, is normal. The degenerate favela you want to replace this country with is neither the historical nor the cultural norm.

Wendig made one correct observation. The time for civility is done. Civil treatment is reserved for civilized men. Chuck and the trillionaire cosmopolitan elite he carries water for are rabidly anti-civilization.

To translate from shitlib, Wendig's warning to his SJW followers not to heed our calls for civility is really an acknowledgment that the Left's usual bromides about bipartisanship and healing won't work this time. Under the old rules, it was the Left who'd issue calls for civility when Conservatives inevitably folded on some key issue. Saying it was time to heal the divide and get back to business marked the completion of the Left's victory lap after ramming their latest abomination down our throats.

No more. The game is up, and SJWs like Wendig know it. They have only their party leadership to blame. It was Democrat Senators led by Dianne Feinstein who shredded the old rules in a desperate scorched earth play against Kavanaugh. Now the whole GOP knows there's no mollifying Lefty, no matter how hard they virtue signal. Forget the cocktail party invitations and cushy K Street lobbying gigs. The Democrat party is on a blind rampage in pursuit of raw power for power's sake. Republicans finally figured this out. Now they're playing for keeps and taking scalps. There's no going back.

That's why Wendig--if indirectly--is calling for violence. If he'd take a minute to think through his tweets' implications, he'd realize there's only one possible outcome when two groups at enmity with each other stop talking. It wasn't tricorn hat-clad Tea Party boomers courteously picking up litter who abandoned civility first. Things will only return to "working as intended" when the Leftist death cult is banished from every institution and exiled from public life. And make no mistake Chuck, that is now normal America's intent.

Wendig Winter

You're half right, Chuck. Winter is coming. But it's coming for the baby-killers, the would-be kommissars, and the moloch-worshiping antichrists.

One down.


The Army Will Make Mecha Real

Tanks and Zakus

Previously I reported that the Russians are developing real-life bipedal combat mechs not unlike AT-STs from Star Wars. Now, the US Army is getting in on the act, only they're going bigger. Think AT-ATs.
The U.S. Army is looking to finally replace their M1 Abrams battle tank as rival nations are rolling out newer and more advanced tanks.
Instead of doing the boring thing and simply looking to make a presumably bigger and more badass tank, our military is looking at practically everything in terms of a successor to their main point vehicle used in combat.
Brigadier General Ross Coffman, head of Army vehicle modernization, said (via Defense News) that our Army is looking at “everything from a ray gun to a Star Wars-like four-legged creature that shoots lasers.”
You read that right – we could very well possibly have walking mecha in service under our military, but the main goal is that whatever succeeds the Abrams has to be the deadliest weapon on the battlefield.
A Space Force. Combat mecha. Remember when some doubted that Donald Trump would make anime real?

If you want a look at a possible future projected from just these kinds of events, wait till you read Combat Frame XSeed.


Evil Makes You Dumb

Google Censorship

Tech giant Google are learning that rethinking their initial position re: being evil hasn't been the win-win scenario they expected. For example, an internal briefing recently leaked to Breitbart reveals that Google is sucking up to totalitarian dictators by censoring users.
An 85-page briefing entitled “The Good Censor”, exclusively leaked to Breitbart News from within Google reveals that government requests for Google to censor content have nearly tripled since 2016, although it does not say that Google shouldn’t cooperate.
The briefing was the product of extensive research on the part of Google. This included expert interviews with MIT Tech Review editor-in-chief Jason Pontin, Atlantic staff writer and tech critic Franklin Foer, and academic Kalev Leetaru. 35 cultural observers and 7 cultural leaders from seven countries on five continents were consulted to produce it. It can be read in full here.
Pages 66-73 of the briefing admits that tech platforms including Google, Facebook and Twitter underwent a “shift towards censorship” over the past few years.
Lest you assume that only the Chinese will have to worry about their search results being censored, keep in mind that this is the same company whose corporate leaders' hysterical come-apart over Trump's election was caught on video.
These individuals, who preside over a company with unrivaled influence over the flow of information, can be seen disparaging the motivations of Trump voters and plotting ways to use their vast resources to thwart the Trump agenda.
Co-founder Sergey Brin can be heard comparing Trump supporters to fascists and extremists. Brin argues that like other extremists, Trump voters were motivated by “boredom,” which he says in the past led to fascism and communism.
The Google co-founder then asks his company to consider what it can do to ensure a “better quality of governance and decision-making.”
Not only does Google's internal corporate culture enforce rigid conformity with the globalist party line, their own words name them as third party thought police happy to censor enemies of the state so politicians can keep their hands clean.

Silver lining: The particular ideology Google and its Big Tech co-conspirators carry water for contains the seeds of its adherents' undoing. Witness the banishment of ex-Google employee James Damore, whose tactful call for reasonable discussion got him hurled into the abyss. We know there are some other non-Leftoids working at Google. How do you think they took Damore's turn as a human sacrifice to the diversity gods? Is it just coincidence that Google has been leaking like a sieve since Damore's departure, and that each leak has been more embarrassing than the last?

Don't bet on it.

Potential bellwether: Facebook engineer Brian Amerige, who wrote a memo on his company's ideological intolerance similar to Damore's at Google, has resigned in protest. These two cases hint at a possible brain drain within Big Tech, and there are almost certainly other lower-profile cases that aren't being reported.

The proof is in the pudding. Name a Google product besides their flagship search engine that's not a total shitshow. The latest update to Gmail has made it nigh unusable. YouTube is a morass of algorithm-fueled fake DMCA claims. Then there's Google+, which will be sunsetted due in part to major security problems.

When organizations make it to a certain level, there comes a point when their sheer size and top-heaviness threatens them with collapse under their own weight. Google is rapidly approaching that point with no slowdown in sight.

We shouldn't wait around for Google and the rest of the tech cabal to implode, though. The executive order authorizing antitrust investigations into Big Tech is on Trump's desk as we speak. The GE has shown great willingness to listen to his base. Now is a good time to respectfully remind him that Google execs were caught on tape admitting to violations of campaign finance law.


You Better Recognize

Better late than never. It's encouraging to see Star Wars fans recognizing those who warned them of their beloved franchise's imminent fall. Here's @Dataracer117 reacting to my post from May of last year.

Wiser than Yoda

Dubious praise, considering Yoda's Postmodernist turn in TLJ. The backlash wasn't hard to see coming, either, in light of Mark Hamill's public statement disagreeing with every choice Rian Johnson made in the Episode VIII script.

Wiser than Yoda 2

I'm glad people seem to like this blog. Providing accurate forecasts of pop culture's ongoing decline is just one of the many services I offer my beloved readers. Stay tuned!

Wiser than Yoda 3

Since I'm not always right, and the penalty for prophesying falsely is stoning, no. I'm not.

Then again, it doesn't take divine inspiration to predict where an IP helmed by people who hate their audience is headed.


Memento Mori

80s arcade
But that was long ago, and in another country.
The world has a way of giving notice in no uncertain terms that life is temporary, and time is always bearing us toward its inevitable end. During the ride we pass certain milestones that remind us the clock is ticking.

In the old days in the old country, they'd put up roadside shrines displaying the bones of the saints as memento mori. In these more enlightened times, we have to settle for abstract government studies and actuarial tables. The lack of immediacy lulls us into thinking of death as something that happens to other people. Among the many demerits of Modernism is its tendency to set us up for sucker punches when reality barges into our materialist fools' paradise.

Few events give us pause to reflect on our mortality more than the death of a childhood friend. Seeing the clock run out on someone about your age reminds you the hour is later than you think. Realizing that someone who shared a significant portion of your life is out of the picture for good is a sobering wake up call death has no exceptions--especially not you.

In my tender years an older kid from the neighborhood took me under his wing. His dubious influence had a major hand in defining who I am to this day. He was in high school while I was in grade school, and he was one of those guys who's allergic to idleness. It seemed like he was always on the move in search of something new to keep him interested. In effect, he was more like a big brother away at school most of the time who'd roll into town on odd weekends with some fresh mischief up his sleeve.

What would happen is this guy would show up, and before you knew it you'd be deep in conversation about the sorts of questions that kept kids in the 80s awake at night. Did Darth Vader eat solid food, or did his diet consist solely of V8 and Ensure? Why don't Autobots ever use energon cubes? Do Freddy Krueger and David LoPan have the same curse?

When these mysteries had been plumbed as deeply as current scholarship allowed, he'd start walking, expecting you to follow without a word. And you'd definitely follow, if only out of burning curiosity over whatever was coming next. The day's activity could be as mundane as helping him collect on his paper route; reading off addresses while the 80s pop culture discussion continued. Or, on the other extreme, you could find yourself in a real-life, though nonlethal, version of Saw.

I fondly remember the time another young friend and I escaped from a cluttered garage booby-trapped with pull-string firecrackers, using only our wits. Our older friend, who'd meticulously prepared the surprise obstacle course, had taken off to a nearby gas station and returned with a bagful of chips, soda, and candy bars at the exact moment we made it out. I still have no idea how he timed it so precisely. I do know the sugary, salty feast was more than worth our inconvenience.

Usually, though, video games were the order of the day. My friend was a big fan of single-player action games and RPGs, so he'd have me navigate from the Nintendo Power map while he played. It was monumentally more fun than it sounds. I knew he didn't need my help, so it felt good to be asked to help anyway. And just watching him play was a genuine thrill. The man was an artist. A rumor making the rounds back then had it that he'd applied to be an official Nintendo game counselor. Apparently they'd turned him down only because those guys were a pretty small, tight-knit group with super low turnover. But I have no doubt he'd have made the cut on merit.

Cold winter's days holed up in his cramped upstairs room playing Metroid, summer nights camping out in the back yard, fall afternoons tromping over crisp dead leaves on after-school walks while he regaled me with the plots of horror movies I was too young to see--they're all among my most cherished childhood memories.

The last time I saw my friend was over twenty-five years ago. Finding out he'd died recently came as a shock, to say the least. At first my mind jumped to the usual suspects: heart attack; cancer. Unlikely. My friend was a Gen Xer who'd just recently entered middle age. Suspicion shifted to common banes of white, working-class men in his cohort: alcoholism, overdose, suicide. Doubtful, unless the slow grinding of years had utterly worn down his passion for life. Must have been a car crash.


My friend, my long lost big brother, suffered fatal trauma in the predawn hours during what looks to have been a burglary gone awry. He lived in a somewhat down-at-heel neighborhood in an overwhelmingly white area, so a meth-head desperate for a fix seemed a good bet. Then I heard they found my friend's stolen car abandoned miles away in the really bad part of town. The neighbors have nothing but good things to say about the deceased, but they're afraid to comment further. He lived among people like himself, but diversity found him, even though it had to drive twenty minutes across town.

Take warning.


Indiegogo After-action Report

Combat Frame XSeed Indiegogo 346%

The Indiegogo campaign for my new mecha/Mil-SF novel Combat Frame XSeed has officially concluded. With a final funding total of 346% of our original goal, it's no exaggeration to say that this campaign was a stunning success! Sincere thanks to all our awesome backers and everyone who supported the campaign through contributions in time and talent! Special thanks to ArtAnon, Todd Everhart, JimFear138, Daddy Warpig, Dorrinal, Fighting the Void, Ben Wheeler, and Declan Finn. Plus all my friends and family members who gave material and moral support.

Here's what's next. The disbursement from Indiegogo should be arriving within the next two business weeks. During that time, I'll be working hard to get perks ready for fulfillment. If you are a Combat Frame XSeed backer, you'll receive your perks as they become available. Every perk level included the eBook edition, which is right on track for November delivery. The print version will be delivered in January as soon as possible after the TPB is available on Amazon. ArtAnon just informed me he's making substantial progress on the Build-a-Mech backer's custom combat frame, which will be featured in its own Combat Frame Data post here. Keep watching this blog!

On the writing front, edits to Bradford Walker's first Star Knight Saga book are nearing completion. After that, I'll be finishing the "Combat Frame XSeed: CY 2 Gaiden" bonus short story that will bridge XSeed novels 1 and 2. "CFX: CY 2 Gaiden" will be available exclusively as a free download in the digital edition of Combat Frame XSeed, so if you backed the campaign at any level, you'll get access to the free short story when you receive your eBook perk.

Thanks again to everyone who supported this campaign. Because of you, my first crowdfunding experiment surpassed expectations. The ride is just beginning!


Last Day for XSeed on Indiegogo

Combat Frame XSeed

The runaway hit Indiegogo campaign for my new mecha/Mil-SF novel Combat Frame XSeed reaches its conclusion at the end of today. As of this writing, we stand at an astonishing 336% of our original goal with the second book and trading card stretch goals fully funded. Thanks to all our awesome backers!

There's still time to reach 500% and fund the Combat Frame XSeed audiobook. Head over to our Indiegogo page, where you can choose from an extensive list of great perks, including the aforementioned trading cards. There's also one more Build-a-Mech perk and one dinner/personal signing with me left. Today is also your last chance to get the eBook next month instead of having to wait until January.

CF-01-1 card

We've already succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. Let's make a final dash to cross the finish line at 500%!


Don't Think They Won't Pay

Don't think you won't pay

Jude Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. The Senate approved the Republican judge despite a Democrat smear campaign that turned what should have been a routine confirmation process into a three-ring circus. The final vote of 50-48 mirrored Friday's cloture vote with the exception of Senator Steve Daines, who missed the vote to attend his daughter's wedding.

Strange as it is to say, Kavanaugh's ordeal promises to bear fruit that may not have come to fruition in a standard confirmation procedure. First, Justice K, originally a rather staid Washington insider, has likely been permanently redpilled about the Left's all-consuming power lust. His likely shift to the right is all the more gratifying since it is entirely the Democrats' doing. He and Justice Thomas should get on well together.

Second, the Left's go-to tactic of smearing Republican candidates, usually with baseless yet tawdry accusations of sexual misconduct, has been blunted. You can still count on the Dems to trot out more sketchy accusers coached by shyster lawyers for the next key contest. They'll only ditch the Alinsky tactics when swift and brutal reprisals make trying their usual antics painful to even contemplate.

To that end, Justice K's accusers must not be allowed to slink back into the shadows like the false witnesses who came before them. We've seen the story play out a dozen times: Shady women with Democrat party ties show up to cry wolf with decades-old allegations, ruin a Republican man's life, and disappear. Christine Ford has already begun her disappearing act by announcing she won't be pursuing any further actions against Justice Kavanaugh.

Not only should the Kavanaugh family sue Ford and her handlers for defamation and wrongful prosecution, all of Justice K's accusers should be brought up on federal charges for making false accusations. Senator Feinstein, who withheld Ford's letter from the Judiciary Committee for months and lied to the Senate about the timeline, must be brought before the ethics committee for censure. Democrats need to learn that the hurting only stops when they stop trying to ruin innocent men's lives. Luckily, reprisals seem to have been set in motion.

There is one step, however, that would jolt Leftist amygdalae so violently as to make further smear tactics unthinkable. When Ginsburg's SCOTUS seat opens up, GEOTUS should nominate Judge Roy Moore to fill the vacancy. If you think the salt flowing through Twitter today is epic, just imagine Moore being confirmed by the next Senate 60-40.

Last but not least, Kavanaugh's confirmation was a team effort that saw Republicans spanning the Right side of the aisle from Donald Trump to Erik Erikson band together for a common cause. That the result was a resounding victory makes further cooperation on the Right highly likely. Everybody loves winning and winners. Today Trump finally proved to the GOPe that following his lead is a winning move. Guys like McConnell now have a vested interest in pursuing Trump's agenda. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the next Congress gets serious about legislating the President's immigration policies.

Establishment Republicans have woken up to Democrats' "by any means necessary" pursuit of power. They've also learned how to successfully thwart it. We may have just witnessed a more transformative moment in US politics than the 2016 elections. Trump saves us from permanent rule by a cartel of international gangsters. Two years later, he is finally in full command of his own party.

To quote Based Lindsey Graham's recent observation about Democrats, "Boy, y'all want power. God, I hope you never get it."



Enjoy the Wedding Steve

Punished Brett
Let us draw together for judgment.
Key Senate swing votes Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, and Joe Manchin have announced they will vote yes to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court this weekend.
After months of debate, last minute allegations of sexual assault, an FBI investigation and dozens of hours of tense testimony, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh now has the 50 votes required to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, after both GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced that they would be voting yes. GOP holdout Jeff Flake of Arizona also said that he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh "unless something big changed." 
It looks like the final confirmation tally will be the same as the cloture vote, with every Republican except Murkowski voting yes and every Democrat except Manchin voting no, for an final total of 51-49 in Punished Brett's favor.

One potential wrinkle in that scenario may arise from the wedding of Senator Steve Daines' daughter, scheduled to take place in Montana on Saturday. Senator Daines has promised both to give the bride away and to rush back to Washington in the event his vote is needed. A plane is reportedly on standby to whisk Daines back to the capital should Jeff Flake get cornered in an elevator again. With Vice President Mike Pence also standing by to cast a tie-breaking vote, Daines can probably relax and enjoy his daughter's big day.

Which will also be Justice Kavanaugh's big day.

Meanwhile, the Democrats' highly touted blue wave continues to evaporate.

God has now given the United States two miracles--Trump's election and Kavanaugh's confirmation--to help us get our act together. Not murdering babies anymore is probably a good first step. Let us heed Bill Murray's warning from Scrooged about the consequences of wasting miracles.


What Enthusiasm Gap?

Nate Silver's vaunted Enthusiasm Gap, which was supposed to drive the blue wave and give Democrats control of Congress, has closed.
Just over a month away from critical elections across the country, the wide Democratic enthusiasm advantage that has defined the 2018 campaign up to this point has disappeared, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.
In July, there was a 10-point gap between the number of Democrats and Republicans saying the November elections were "very important." Now, that is down to 2 points, a statistical tie.

Enthusiasm Gap

The tables have turned. Now it's Democrats snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and it's all thanks to Brett Kavanaugh.
The results come amid the pitched and hotly partisan confirmation battle over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. Multiple women have accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct when he was in high school and college. He categorically denies all the allegations. The FBI is conducting a supplemental investigation into the accusations that is expected to be wrapped up by the end of this week.
With Democrats already fired up for this election, the Kavanaugh confirmation fight has apparently had the effect of rousing a dormant GOP base.
"The result of hearings, at least in the short run, is the Republican base was awakened," noted Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, which conducted the poll.
The Democrats' midterm strategy revolved around making November's elections a referendum on Trump. That play might have worked, thanks to that big, wall-shaped hole on the border. All they had to do was stick to the plan. But with their leadership now beholden to legions of emotionally incontinent freaks, the Senate Dems opted to hound Coach K like a pack of dogs chasing a squirrel.

By indulging their base's unreasoning hatred of straight, white, Christian men, Democrats have shifted the midterms from a referendum on Trump to a referendum on normalizing third world gangster politics. The normies ain't having it. Sixty percent of Americans say they want Kavanaugh confirmed if Flake's FBI investigation clears him.

And the FBI investigation just cleared him.
White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told CNN's "New Day" that the FBI contacted 10 people as part of its reopened investigation into allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, and interviewed nine of them - none of whom corroborated claims levied against the Supreme Court nominee. 
But wait. It gets better.
Shah added that "Without getting in to the details, we feel very confident that when the senators have the opportunity to review this material, as they're just beginning to right now, that they are going to be comfortable confirming Judge Kavanaugh" after they see the results of the investigation. 
If I had to take a shot in the dark, I'd say those details the White House can't get into include the sharp reversal of electoral fortunes among red state Democrats who said they'd vote against Justice K. I'd further say that based on McConnell's filing of cloture and refusal to brook any more delays, the requisite arm-twisting has been done to get Kavanaugh his votes.

Raj Shah

Seventh time's the charm. The voters are satisfied that Kavanaugh is fit to serve on SCOTUS and will punish Congressional candidates who stubbornly oppose his confirmation. Heitkamp, McCaskill, Donnelly, and Manchin understand that voting against Justice K will detonate their careers. It may be too late for them already. Their only chance is to vote to confirm, and they know it.

What if the red state Democrats and/or Collins, Murkowski, and Flake decide to go down with the ship? Democrats, not Republicans, will take the blame, and the GOP will be looking at a ten-seat Senate majority while retaining control of the House.

In the off chance that any Democrats have read this far into the post, be sure to tell your leaders how you feel about them folding to the crazies and breaking the blue wave. They've dramatically raised the odds of a near future with GOP majorities in both Houses and SCOTUS, which will increase to 6-3 when the next Senate breezily confirms Trump's pick to replace Ginsburg.


Dems Are Afraid

Reader Durandel comments on yesterday's post:
Republicans show their demoralization by being quiet. Libs show it by having histrionic displays of emotional incontinence.
Republicans are “fired up” when they express righteous indignation and post dank memes. Libs do the same by telling dumb jokes and mocking their enemies on tv and in public.
Using Twitter as a proxy, it’s clear the Dems are afraid that a Tiddy Bowl is coming. There’s no confidence in their outrage.
Astute observations. My take:

For all their Blue Wave talk, the Democrats aren't putting on the typical displays they affect when they're winning.

The Left wasn't accosting Senators in elevators and restaurants in the run up to Obama's two victories. They were glib and smug.

Democrats might still have taken both Houses of Congress despite their epic hissy fit. The GOP base was demoralized by our leaders' failure to deliver anything but a bow tie-grade tax cut, and the only way for Dems to win is to suppress Republican turnout.

Enter Kavanaugh. Word had been circulating that Trump had a foolproof plan to win the midterms. I don't even think the current clown funeral was it. The story goes that McConnell asked Trump for the cleanest SCOTUS nominee on his list and scheduled the confirmation process for a midterm boost. He thought it would be a slam dunk but somehow underestimated Democrat duplicity. Trump and Kav saved the day by standing their ground.

Feinstein and Schumer never thought they'd have to back up their pawn's allegations. They expected the GOP to cave like they did with Moore. Bad move.

Unlike Moore, Coach K was a beltway insider who paid his dues, put in his time, and had his SCOTUS seat coming by the rules of the old game. But the Dems tossed out the old rules in a brazen power grab. Worse move.

McConnell and Kavanaugh are standing firm because this was supposed to be a done deal. Read Kav's letter, and it's clear he's pissed because the Dems are denying him his own. Other Republicans like Lindsey Graham have finally realized, "Holy shit! The other side just detonated the 'taking a dive for cocktail party invites' agreement. All bets are off!"

Now that the GOP is responding accordingly, the Democrats are trapped in a nightmare scenario. They have charged headlong into a Xanatos gambit of their own making.

Consider if Kav had been quietly confirmed like Gorsuch. The GOP probably would have narrowly held the Senate, but confirming a guy who was then seen as a dull establishment type wouldn't have energized the base, and normie swing voters would not have woken up. The Blue Wave would still have been in play.

Instead it's the Dems who've snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They're so terrified of their own freak show base that they caved to the pussyhatters and subjected Judge K to a witch trial. Meanwhile--and not nearly enough attention has been paid to this fact--for the first time, the entire Republican party is united behind Trump. The Senate, the base, even NRO for fuck's sake, are rallying behind Coach K. That's a perfect storm brewing against the Democrats.

Trump probably didn't plan this whole monkey circus, but he used it to maximum advantage.


Democrats Play with Fire


And are getting duly burned.
As of now, in the wake of the testimony, only 37 percent want Kavanaugh confirmed, but only 44 percent say he should not be confirmed. But…
Because “corroboration” is the only standard a wide majority of Americans care about, if this FBI investigation clears him, a whopping 60 percent want Kavanaugh confirmed.
Moreover, once those polled were informed “that the named witnesses deny any knowledge of the allegation, this shifts to 57 percent who favor confirmation.”
In other words, once voters know the full truth (the truth the establishment media are hiding from them), they overwhelmingly side with Kavanaugh — those who call for his confirmation jump from 37 percent to 57 percent.
The Fake News media are the enemy of Western civilization and must be destroyed--which is why Trump must sign the EO currently on his desk ordering antitrust action against Big Tech. Thankfully, they can't totally control the narrative like they used to.
A full 63 percent believe Kavanaugh will eventually be cleared and confirmed.
Make no mistake, the Left is in existential crisis mode over Punished Brett's impending confirmation. They've had since 2012 to dig up disqualifying dirt on Coach K, yet the best they could do was a West Coast partisan academic with a Swiss cheese memory whose story the independent prosecutor has now destroyed and an eleventh hour accuser whose laughable claims didn't meet the New Yorker's publication standards.

There's also a third accuser dredged up by glorified mob lawyer Michael Avenatti. Democrats whined about the FBI not interviewing her, so Trump gave them the green light. Probably because she's turned out to be an unstable psycho with a history of legal problems stemming from her own sexual misconduct.

This seventh FBI investigation into Judge Dredd's already well-vetted past is a cynical desperation move intended to stall Kavanaugh's confirmation. Democrats had certainly hoped that the Feds would unearth some heretofore unknown wrongdoing on Coach K's part, but their current witnesses keep getting discredited and referred for prosecution instead.

Failing the discovery of any incriminating evidence against Kavanaugh, Democrats had staked their political fortunes on delaying the confirmation vote until after the midterm elections, when they expect to ride a blue wave to majorities in both houses of Congress.

That plan looked good on paper. The winning strategy in US elections is to make sure your people turn out to vote while depressing voter turnout on the other side. Democrats had enjoyed an advantage in the voter enthusiasm gap. But in a twist of cosmic justice, the circus they've made of what should have been a routine SCOTUS confirmation has lit a fire under Republican voters.

And those flames aren't stoked by love for the GOP cucks who let matters degrade to this point--Roy Moore is waiting for his apology, Mitch--they're fueled by pure hatred of the demonic, power-hungry psychos they now realize the Left have become.

Polls across the country are now turning in favor of GOP candidates. Republican Wendy Rogers has taken the lead in an Arizona race that has put a Democrat-controlled House seat in play. Even more telling, Josh Hawley is now poised to flip red state Democrat Claire McCaskill's Missouri Senate seat specifically because she opposes Kavanaugh. Meanwhile, an internal GOP poll shows that key Kavanaugh swing vote Joe Manchin, who is enabling Jeff Flake's stranglehold on the confirmation process, is four points behind his Republican challenger.

Time could actually be on the Republicans' side. Letting the Dems make a sideshow of the Kavanaugh confirmation is animating the GOP base. At this rate, McConnell could delay the confirmation till the midterms, whereupon angry voters could give Republicans up to ten more Senate seats, and rubber stamp Coach K's confirmation with a super majority.

And who knows what other juicy tidbits will turn up on Kavanaugh's accusers in the meantime?


Waid vs. Meyer Round Two

Mark Waid

Early this summer I reported that Richard Meyer of Diversity & Comics fame was having Marvel writer Mark Waid prosecuted in New York, California, and Texas for interfering with the publication of Meyer's Jawbreakers comic book. 

Now Meyer has turned up the heat on Waid again by filing civil suit against him for tortious interference and defamation.
Diversity & Comics aka Richard Meyer has filed a civil suit against Mark Waid for tortious interference with contract,  defamation, and exemplary damages.
Meyer is suing for “actual damages of over $75,000; special damages in the form of lost profits proximately caused by Waid’s interference with Meyer’s contractual relations; exemplary damages, costs of court; and all other relief to which Plaintiff Richard Meyer shows himself to be justly entitled.”
Waid had better get himself three suits and get them pressed. Because he'll be spending a lot of time in various courts for the next several years.
Meyer’s accusation of Tortious Interference with Contract cites his contract with Antarctic Press and the fact they were supposed to publish Jawbreakers and other comic books.
The suit claims that “Waid either had knowledge of the contract or had knowledge of facts and circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to believe there was a contract in which Meyer had an interest.” It goes on to state, “Waid induced Antarctic Press to breach its agreement with Meyer.”
The suit notes “Waid’s interference proximately caused injury to Meyer for which he seeks damages in excess of $75,000.”
SJWs are so used to sniping from behind the safety of their Big Tech benefactors' codes of conduct and block bots that they've forgotten there's a world of real consequences in meatspace.
The suit then claims that Waid’s followers targeted Antarctic Press with an onslaught of calls and threats. It also states they bombarded the owners of Antarctic Press’ other businesses.
It goes on to detail that Waid did speak via telephone with the one of the owners of Antarctic Press and convinced him to “repudiate its contract with Meyer.” The suit claims the owner “caved to Waid’s pressure” because they were “frightened for its very survival by Waid’s threats, and primarily because of his unwelcome interference.”
There's a term for what happens when an A list Marvel writer orders a small press to break a deal with a competitor on pain of never doing business with Marvel again. Hello, tortious interference!
The suit continues to state that Waid deactivated his social media profiles almost immediately after Antarctic Press’ statement with the belief he had been warned that his interference was actionable.
Shut down all the social media accounts you want, Mark. The marching orders you DM'd to your minions are still on those servers, and subpoenas have a way of shaking that kind of information loose. I'm stockpiling popcorn for the discovery stage.

Waid's lawyer issued the following statement:
“Mark will aggressively fight this frivolous lawsuit with every legal means available but at the end of the day what will have the greatest favorable impact for him are the actual facts. Mr Meyer’s’ lawsuit will further reveal to the world his true nature. Ironically his own litigation will likely increase the professional isolation he alleges Mark has caused.”
When you're out of arguments, fall back on threatening the plaintiff's career.

Make sure to keep your eye on this case. It promises more amusement at a bumbling ginger's expense than an episode of I Love Lucy. With just as much cake.

And make sure to back Combat Frame XSeed on Indiegogo. We're racing into our final week with just $2000 needed to fund the audiobook and plenty of great perks up for grabs!

Combat Frame XSeed


Star Wars Is Still Dead

Leia Cosplay

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has renewed her contract with Disney for three years.
The re-up comes as the division gets back on solid footing following “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the Alden Ehrenreich Han Solo spinoff that suffered disappointing box office returns and behind-the-scenes drama after the studio dismissed directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller well into production. They were replaced by Ron Howard, who was tasked with bringing home the pricey standalone (which cost at least $250 million).
"Solid footing"? The woman who lost that same division eighty million dollars is having her tenure extended for three years. The division is standing on an oily patch of black ice in shoes stitched together from banana peels.

Star Wars is dead. It's dead, and it's not coming back. I know many of you cling to childhood nostalgia for a once-great franchise, but it's past time to cut the umbilical cord. By continuing to follow and fund Star Wars, you're only letting a direct poz pipeline into your life.

Yet I understand that such a denunciation requires an appealing alternative. That's why I offer you #AGundam4Us. Support Combat Frame XSeed for your epic space battle needs! 

Combat Frame XSeed


SCOTUS Held Hostage

In a twist so on-the-nose that no self-respecting fiction author would have written it with a straight face, the US Senate and Supreme Court find themselves at the mercy of a single political hack named Flake.


The latest curve ball in a harrowing committee process that has seen Judge Brett Kavanaugh subjected to an ideologically motivated witch hunt fueled by baseless accusations meant only to stall his confirmation to SCOTUS, Republican Senator Jeff Flake has decided to flip his constituents the bird on his way to retirement.

Following a virtuoso performance by Kavanaugh at yesterday's Judiciary Committee hearings wherein the Judge cleared his name in the face of a concerted political hatchet job, Republicans seemed to have the necessary votes to confirm him in committee and on the Senate floor. But no sooner did Kavanaugh indeed clear the committee than Flake declared his floor vote would be conditional on a week-long FBI investigation of the BS claims against Kavanaugh.

For context, multiple current and former prosecutors, including the outside expert brought in to question Coach K and his accuser, have deemed the allegations against him so flimsy that not even a search warrant, let alone formal charges, could be obtained against him. The alleged misconduct would also have been a misdemeanor well past the statute of limitations, meaning that a Presidential order is required to open an FBI investigation. Add in the fact that making a determination about SCOTUS candidates' backgrounds is the Judiciary Committee's job, not the FBI's.

That alone should tell you what Flake's gambit really is: A cynical, crass political move meant to provide a fig leaf should he decide to vote no. Two other cowardly Republican Senators, Collins and Murkowski, are also taking cover behind Flake's stall tactic, subjecting the Senate and SCOTUS to a political shakedown.

Stay tuned.


XSeed with JimFear

Combat Frame XSeed

My podcast tour in support of Combat Frame XSeed continues on the JimFear 138 podcast. The airing of this episode was delayed due to injury, and I hope our esteemed host is on the mend. Listen in as we delve deep into my new mecha/Mil-SF world's lore.

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Liberalism in Slow Motion

slow motion

Catholic blogger Peter Kwasniewski observes that Conservatism is Liberalism, only slower.
A conservative is one who wishes to conserve the good at hand, which means maintaining the status quo while correcting notorious deviations. But the conservative has no principled motivation to return to and recover what has been lost, for he has no compelling reason to see it as more precious, more valuable, than a constellation of goods that happens to exist right now. (“Are there religious sisters who wear a kind of uniform and a crucifix? Great! Let’s keep that going, for we don’t want to lose it. After all, something’s better than nothing.”) The lover of Tradition, on the other hand, has the mind of the fifth-century father of the Church, St. Vincent of Lerin. For Vincent, as for a host of fathers, doctors, and popes, Tradition as such is superior to novelty; novelty is to be distrusted, resisted with all one’s might. (“If nuns are not wearing full habits with veils, time to give them two alternatives: embrace the traditional attire, or return to the world.”)
Consequently, wherever traditional things have been lost, the traditionalist strives to restore them as fully as possible, whereas the conservative contents himself with preserving what is at hand – even if it may be mediocre in itself or was a novelty only a few years back. This helps explain the bizarre fact that, after so much bitter experience and so many irrefutable critiques, one still finds Catholic conservatives defending the Novus Ordo and popular church music. “These things are a few decades old, you know, and they’re what we’ve got right now, so we might as well conserve them!”
This is why conservatism, in the end, turns out to be a slower, less self-conscious version of liberalism. Liberalism takes as a principle that change is inherently good and, thus, that faster change is even better – as long as the change is in any direction away from tradition. Conservatism takes as its supposedly contrary principle that it is better to hold on to what one has than to give it up without a fight, but it fails to recognize the problem that, due to the prevailing liberalism, more and more good things are surrendered, undermined, and habitually ignored with each passing year, leaving less and less to conserve.
For these reasons, conservatism is liberalism in slow motion. What conservatives preserve, they preserve by force of custom and free choice, not by the firmness of a non-negotiable principle. As the truth fades away and people grow accustomed to its loss, the conservative has no ground to stand on; he wrings his hands while he watches beautiful things getting dismantled and sent away. (Sometimes it’s worse than that: the conservative will drive himself insane, zealously defending the same horrible novelties he would have decried only a few years before. We’ve seen this rubbery allegiance time and again. For example, it’s wrong to wash women’s feet at Mass on Holy Thursday – until the pope says it’s okay. Suddenly, out come the specious arguments to back it up, as if it had been true all along!) In contrast, adherence to Tradition goes beyond conservation of whatever minimal good is at hand, for it demands the love and honorable defense of an inheritance that is received and must not be squandered. And if part of this inheritance has been lost, the traditionalist knows that it must be restored with unstinting effort and in the face of all opposition.
Another point Kwasniewski brushes up against, and which I'll state plainly here, is that Conservatism isn't just slower Liberalism, it's inconsistent Liberalism.

That's the argument I put forward on Fighting the Void recently. Time constraints prevented me from fully developing the idea, so I'll expand on it here. Liberalism--yes, Classical Liberalism--is the attempt to absolutize freedom. As a political ideology, Liberalism seeks to let individuals pursue their personal preferences with a minimum of external coercive impediments. Anything non-Liberal must be considered an impediment, hence the self-negating "Our tolerance doesn't require us to tolerate your intolerance!" canard. The word for a political ideology that fundamentally cannot tolerate competing ideas is totalitarian.

Because it is totalitarian and upholds freedom absent any reference to the good as the only absolute, Liberalism is progressive by nature. Any effort to limit the scope of an individual's pursuit of his preferences is deemed an arbitrary imposition on the actor's will. This is why Conservatives couldn't conserve women's restrooms. It is why they will likewise fail to prevent the normalization of pedophilia, bestiality, cannibalism, etc.

Liberals and their slower Conservative enablers both start from a false conception of freedom. There is no freedom apart from the good. Whoever says, "I support freedom!" makes a content-free statement that begs the question, "Freedom to do what?" The value of freedom depends entirely on the objective worth of the good it gives you access to.

Conservatives set themselves the impossible task of arguing for traditional positions based on Liberal principles. On an intuitively rhetorical level, people correctly perceive the attempt as internally inconsistent.

The answer is to abandon the false Liberal concept of freedom and embrace pursuit of the true and the good. Traditionalism is not a matter of going back to a theoretical point in time when civilization had attained perfection. It's about upholding eternal first principles that are true in every place and time. These principles are derived from human nature. Acting contrary to nature risks harm. We can see the disastrous results of three centuries spent defying nature as Western society implodes.

We face a stark and tragic choice: return to tradition, or blood.


Fighting the Void Once More

The fine folks over at Fighting the Void invited me back to their live stream. Loyal readers will know I've been making the podcast rounds lately to promote Combat Frame XSeed, but these guys approached me some months ago to come on and discuss my political views. It was a nice change of pace, and I think the conversation proved fruitful. Listen for yourself.

From the Transcript

BRIAN: Here's the thing that everybody misses, because we are awash in it, is that Liberalism is totalitarian fundamentally.

FIGHTING THE VOID: Okay, can you elaborate on it? Elaborate on that and particularly, okay?

BN: Well let's first let's look at the word "Liberal" plus ISM. The meaning of the
suffix ISM is to absolutize what comes before, so "Liberalism" it is the attempt to raise freedom to an absolute. And I could just stop right there, because that's preposterous on its face.

FTV: Yes, well that gets right to the definition of freedom, sure.

BN: And there there are two classic definitions recognized in the Aristo-Thomistic tradition. There's liberty and license.

FTV: Yes.

BN: And the modern definition that most people would go with is essentially license. And so with the
Enlightenment it's the pursuit of one's personal preferences with an absolute minimum of government intervention in the pursuit of people's preferences. Look at "the pursuit of happiness" right there in our founding documents.

FTV: Yep. Okay, yep.

BN: Which are based on compromise. The US Constitution is not based on truth.