Adult Swim De-platforms Comedian Sam Hyde

Sam Hyde

Adult Swim has caved to internal pressure and announced the cancellation of Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, a counter-cultural sketch comedy show helmed by notorious prankster and comedian Sam Hyde.
Three weeks after Brett Gelman announced that he was severing ties with Adult Swim due to their treatment of women and their promotion of the “alt-right” comedians and fans behind their new show Million Dollar Extreme, the network has finally responded in the form of a cancellation, confirming with us that the show — which aired its six-episode debut season over the summer — will not return for another season.
Courtesy of The Ralph Retort:
The show itself wasn’t even alt-right, if you ask me. Sam Hyde, the creator and star of MDE Presents, has said some alt-rightish things online, but so what? Do you know how much crazy, anti-American shit is said by some leftist TV actors? They don’t lose their gigs. And from everything I’ve seen, the show was a pretty big ratings success.
The cancellation is nothing more than retaliation against an artist because of his political leanings. BuzzFeed led the charge on this and they should be ashamed. Of course, they aren’t, and have since moved on to shaming people over what their pastor may or may not have said in church. That’s the kind of thuggish operation they run.
I've watched Hyde's show. And while it's not my cup of tea, Ralph is correct in his assessment that the subject matter was relatively tame. Its cancellation results solely from Hyde failing to genuflect before prevailing entertainment industry pieties,

Read the whole story here.

And Ralph has more.
UPDATE: Hyde had planned a free comedy show for tomorrow night in Boston. That’s now off after protests were lodged with the owner of the place where he was set to preform.
Sam Hyde Tweet

Here's Sam's response via Twitter:
Best way to get show back is to put pressure on Turner. I'll make an announcement vid soon, prob tmrw
While I'm certainly hoping for justice for Sam, this incident perfectly illustrates why we need to build new institutions to replace the corrupt legacy media.

Bonus content: for those who are unfamiliar with Sam Hyde's performance art, this video showcases his talent and sets the gold standard for how to deal with the dishonest press.



Escape from New York: Back to the Well

Escape from New York

Tell me if this sounds familiar: a long-delayed new installment in a beloved groundbreaking franchise emerges from development limbo as a soft reboot of the original intended to launch a new franchise. And if that weren't crass and cynical enough, the whole project has been warped into a vehicle for SJW propaganda.

No, I don't mean Ghostbusters 2016 or Star Wars. This time, the unfortunate victim is John Carpenter's iconic commentary on urban decay Escape from New York.

According to The Wrap:
(Spoiler alert: Don’t read this if you don’t want to know any plot details about the remake of “Escape From New York.”)
In the new “Escape From New York,” New York City won’t be a maximum security prison, we’ll find out “Snake” Plissken’s real name, and the bad guy will be totally different than the original. Also? It won’t start in New York.
Let me guess. Instead of a black gangster, our new villain will be an old, white businessman. How novel!
Those are just a few of the details TheWrap can exclusively share about the Twentieth Century Fox reboot of John Carpenter‘s 1981 cult-classic. Neal [sic] Cross, creator of the BBC crime series “Luther,” beat out several writers to win the writing job, and delivered a first-draft in late October. “Luther” is known for its grittiness and character work, so writing the remake is  definitely in Cross’ wheelhouse.
For those who are unaware, Luther stars Idris Elba, an excellent actor of African extraction who for some reason has become Hollywood's go-to guy in the current Recast a Traditionally White and/or Male Character as a Member of a Protected Group fad.

But I'm sure that Neil Cross, never mind the BBC, has zero interest in using the Escape from New York remake to play identity politics.
So what do we know about the remake? Let’s start with these 10 things:
1. Snake Plissken’s real name.
Plissken in the previous two “Escape” films didn’t have a name, but now he does: He’s Colonel Robert “Snake” Plissken.
Trivial nerd bait.
2. Our bad guy won’t be the Duke of New York.
Instead, he’s the lean, intensely charismatic Thomas Newton, the playboy heir to an agrochemical and biotech corporation. Five years ago, he decided to donate his entire fortune. Sounds like a good guy, right? He’s not.
Sounds original, right? It's not.
3. The role originated by Lee Van Cleef will now be played by a woman.
The film will introduce us to CIA Deputy Executive Director Roberta Hauk.
Swapping the race, socioeconomic status, or sex of a character in the same way as every other film does not constitute original thought. In fact, it's the polar opposite of creativity.
4. New York City isn’t a maximum security prison.
Weird, right? Because New York being a prison was kind of crucial to the whole “escape from New York” concept. In the reboot, New York is breathtakingly lovely. Manhattan is the island we know, but with more towering glass structures and a high, undulating glass wall. The sky is alive with drones as serene as bees, and artificial intelligence controls all in the form of an ethnically ambiguous, cheery young woman called April. A small staff of technicians and researchers known as “Seers” monitor all.
Okashii desu ne? Why do I keep picturing the writer of this piece as a teenage anime girl?
5. The remake doesn’t start in New York City.
The original “Escape” film deleted the opening scene that showed how Snake Plissken was apprehended. The new version won’t. Its set in another major city, one not in the United States.
6. The film imagines a world in chaos. 
Globally, one in every seventy five human begins is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum.
Escape from New York remake or Elysium II--you be the judge!
7. A hurricane is coming.
It’s called Superstorm Ellery.
Making a special cause du jour cameo alongside the refugee crisis: aging star global warming climate change the weather.
8. April’s security won’t be as good as everyone hoped.
That will make the whole city vulnerable.
9. Snake has only eleven hours to complete his mission.
In the original film, he had 22 hours. Plissken’s mission is to bring in Newton alive.
10. Newton has a failsafe.
It’s a mysterious device called Fat Boy — an ominous, dull metal sphere about the size of a car, in a nest of conduits and cabling.
Which, to anyone with even a superficial knowledge of history, is obviously a nuke. Which, to anyone with even a superficial knowledge of this series, will obviously be used for its EMP.
Sounds pretty good, right?
anime girl

NB: another dude named Neil already made an awesome Escape from New York remake with a woman in the lead role.

Dear science fiction fans, Hollywood hates you. If you stop paying attention and money to them, they will go away.

I, on the other hand, love you and express that love in the tangible form of fun, award-winning books. Your money and attention resulted in a third book, to be released this month. Want more? You know what to do.

AAA Geek Gab

This week, on a very special Geek Gab, Daddy Warpig, Dorrinal, and I host a game tester for AAA publisher EA. Listen in as he dishes out the dirt on the game industry. Plus: which Final Fantasy installment is the best?


Gavin McInnes: "Rogue One is going to flop."

Gavin McInnes of Rebel Media shares my foreboding of Star Wars: Rogue One.
Dear Hollywood: Please stop shoving social justice "homework" into movies and TV. 
The forced diversity in every new show and film is just fake.
Women don't fantasize about being "badass," and casting token black guys is just embarrassing.
I predicted the all-female "Ghostbusters" would fail and I was right. So I also predict that the new "Star Wars" movie "Rogue One" will bomb for the same reason.

McInnes is right. I'm not only saying that because I made the same predictions. The failure of Ghostbusters 2016 was a clear bellwether of audience revolt, and Hollywood's doubling down on their roundly rejected propagandizing proves their incompetence, their malice, or both.

But there was another warning sign that Disney in particular should have seen--the minor yet significant backlash against Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Now, it should be noted that the definition of "bomb" is relative. Consider the Ang Lee and Ed Norton Hulk films which, adjusted for inflation, made about the same amount of money, yet only the first is said to have bombed.

I don't think the Star Wars brand is tarnished enough yet to make Rogue One a Ghostbusters-level flop. It will probably turn a profit. However, that profit will be much smaller than expected. Unless the major Hollywood studios either emerge from their ideological bubble or are bought out by parties more interested in entertaining audiences than lecturing them, then the last brand capable of drawing audiences on the strength of its name alone is in danger of going the way of Ghostbusters.