Sieg Zeon

Zeon Flag

In their ceaseless campaign to eliminate fun, SJWs have finally gotten around to condemning Gundam. The pretext? They find the Zeon flag problematic. Because blah blah blah Third Reich something something.

Zeon Idiot

Unfortunately for the SJW scolds, #GamerGate veteran Lo-Ping proved more than a match for their grade-inflated public school B- in history. It got even worse for them when Gundam fans showed up and went all Operation Stardust on the Leftoids' breadbasket. Only instead of a colony drop, they used Zeon memes.

Sieg Zeon

Delaz Gato

Char Mocking

With the obligatory Bright Slap for good measure.

Bright slap

The Left's conditioning really has rendered them incapable of interacting with culture in any way besides destroying it. Luckily, these bold Zeonposters have shown us the way.

Waste their time

 Will the SJWs finally learn their lesson? Doubtful. One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one's youth. But relentlessly mocking their ridiculous tantrums sure is fun!

And if they found Zeon triggering, wait till they get a load of the Empire of Neue Deutschland in "Combat Frame XSeed: CY 2 Gaiden".

Combat Frame XSeed: CY 2 Gaiden


The Dead End State of Pop Culture

Author JD Cowan offers a grim prognosis on the fate of pop culture based on Hollywood's manifest inability to connect with its audience.
The Predator is a shallow, spiritually dead movie of stolen imagination and rehashed ideas with a message that could only have been thought up by someone too pathetic to grow up beyond adolescence. And it was written by someone who was there when the original film was being made. And not a talentless man, either. He wrote the original two (and best) Lethal Weapon films as well as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He knows action and how to give the audience what they want.
And yet not only is this film completely out of joint with the franchise, it is completely out of tone with the genre it is supposed to be. It doesn't give the audience what it wants, and it doesn't do so on a scale that is as impressive as it is inept.
Which sums up the dead end state of pop culture as it is right now.
I didn't expect to write a post about this movie, but I had to do so after recent events involving bad decisions by Marvel. The fact of the matter is that the MCU has peaked. There will never be another film like the original Avengers' impact on the genre, and there will never be another Infinity War of building up around a decade of work to one event. It will never happen again.
So we begin our downhill slide of the company telling audiences what they want and cramming uninteresting characters into their own films to replace beloved ones. The MCU has passed its peak with these two new Avengers movies, like every other trend, and will never be the same again.
And that's fine. Trends come and go all the time. Superheroes first hit it big with X-Men and Spiderman back in the early 00s and we're nearing two decades. Just like westerns, action films, noir, and fantasy films, we're nearing the end. But there is a problem.
The difference this time? There is no trend coming.
The brimming treasury of cultural capital built up by the West has been ransacked and squandered by the entryists who converged our institutions. We're rapidly devolving into a mass of atomized consumers that have little or nothing in common with the man next door. Many people, especially in the teeming cities, go months or years without saying a word to their neighbors.

It's a vicious cycle that erodes a people's ability to create and share cultural touchstones. I'm becoming more convinced each day that decentralizing the overconcentrated urban population into more scaled-down, homogeneous, and tightly knit communities would go a long way toward resolving our current ills.

In the meantime, there are those of us who keep telling stories--first and foremost for entertainment, but also in the hope of contributing one brick; one mosaic tile; one dab of paint to the new and now-gestating culture. JD himself has a new contribution in the latest issue of Story Hack. Check it out!

Story Hack


The Winds of Change


This week has seen a series of major upheavals in Washington, and the Democrats' return to majority status in the House may not be the biggest development.

First, no sooner had the dust settled on the midterm elections than President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The former AG frustrated the President and his base by failing to prosecute Deep State actors who attempted a soft coup against Trump and by recusing himself from the bogus Russian collusion investigation. If not for Sessions, it's doubtful that the interminable Mueller probe would have swelled into the Tetsuo-like monster that threatens to engulf the executive branch.

Sessions' chief of staff Matthew G. Whitaker--pictured above--has been named to serve as acting AG in his old boss' place. In stark contrast to Sessions, Whitaker has publicly called the Mueller investigation a witch hunt and has proposed ways to neutralize the rogue special prosecutor without firing him. Based on his past statements, it's likely that Whitaker will slash Mueller's funding to the point that his office can no longer operate.

Early rumors suggest that Trumpian candidate Kris Kobach, who lost his bid for the governorship of Kansas, is the front runner to be Sessions' permanent replacement. Kobach's tough stance on immigration propelled him to national prominence, and he's said to have the President's ear. Trump has his pick of cabinet nominees thanks to his expanded Senate majority, and nominating Kobach would let the President avoid pulling a current Republican officeholder like Devin Nuñes, Ted Cruz, or Lindsey Graham from Congress--a misstep he made with Sessions.

Whoever Trump chooses for AG, the firmly Republican senate will fast-track his confirmation.

Speaking of imminent Trump appointments: 

It is now being reported that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized after taking a nasty spill in her office on the same day Sessions stepped down.

While we of course wish no one harm and pray for Ginsburg's complete healing in mind, body, soul, and spirit, it's apparent that continuing in office at her advanced age poses a significant health risk. Neil Gorsuch's confirmation stirred up rumors of the oldest Justice's retirement, and Brett Kavanaugh's successful battle to take his seat on the high court stoked them to a fever pitch.

Ginsburg has weathered numerous health scares before. Then again, so did her fellow globalist John McCain. Ginsburg has to be wondering if she really wants to follow him down the Weekend at Bernie's route or if she'd rather retire with her dignity intact. There's also the Trump curse to consider.

Whether Ginsburg decides to throw in the towel or run out the clock, Trump's chances of placing a third Justice on the Supreme Court now look better than ever. With a 6-3 SCOTUS majority in his favor, Trump can make an end run around the obstructionist House with executive orders while denying the Left their only effective avenue for pushing their agenda.


Sleepy Sessions out.

Alpha Whitaker in.

Rising star Kobach on the way up.

Witchfinder General Mueller on the run.

Even sleepier Ginsburg on the way out.

I know MAGA is supposed to be on the ropes. The blue checks on Twitter swear up and down that it's over for us bigots. Somehow, though, this doesn't feel like losing.


A House Divided

McConnell Pelosi

Another national election has come and gone. The 2018 US midterms treated voters to an electoral street brawl, complete with cheerleaders, hecklers, and odds makers barking from the sidelines. Numbers guys on both sides predicted big wins for their respective teams. With voter turnout at record highs, the only question seemed to be whether we were in for a blue wave or a red tide.

The actual result has left almost everyone scratching their heads. To use a personal example, I forecast Republicans eking out a narrow House majority while gaining 4 or 5 Senate seats. We now know my first prediction was 180 degrees backwards, since it was the Democrats who won the House by a razor-thin margin.

But that was the only major victory Democrats could claim last night--and a feat hardly worth boasting about. The all-powerful blue wave proved to be pollster agitprop after all, as Dems fell far short of the 70 seats that define a wave election. They also failed to retake the Senate, actually losing 4 seats, which confirmed my prediction for the upper chamber. As a final slap in the face, voters denied the Democrats a majority of the country's governorships.

It's still early, but we know enough to make some useful observations about the midterm results.

Let's take a look at the House first.
  • The polls were indeed wrong. The twist is that they actually erred on the side of Republicans in tight races.
  • Democrats' election day turnout was sufficient to mitigate the massive GOP early voting lead.
  • Blacks and Latinos still voted Democrat at Soviets-voting-for-Stalin levels. #BuildTheWall
  • The MSM pundits were right about Midwestern women in the suburbs defecting from the GOP. #RepealThe19th
  • The 40 cuckservative reps who retired for fear of the blue wave cost the GOP its incumbent advantage. Republicans could have weathered all the other factors above if not for this blunder.
  • Nearly all the defeated GOP congressmen opposed Trump and/or refused to let him campaign for them.

Now let's do the Senate.
  • The Kavanaugh Effect was real. Donnelly, Heitkamp, and McCaskill, who voted against Justice K's confirmation, all went down to defeat.
  • Trump's campaign strategy paid off. His focus on Indiana and Florida, for example, helped the GOP win close races.
  • Republican senators' eleventh-hour Trumpist conversion spared them the voters' wrath, unlike their obstinate counterparts in the House.
  • So much for the Narrative that Trump's populist nationalism is a fad. If he were as unpopular as the Left says, Dems would have taken the Senate.
Quite the roller coaster ride. Contra all the black pillers out there, I consider this election a Pyrrhic Dem victory at worst and a long-term Republican win if the GOP keeps the gloves off. 

Just look at Democrats in the news and on social media. Some of them are putting on a brave face, but they're not gloating like they did in 2012. The more intelligent among them know what a small House majority and continued Senate minority status means. Impeaching Trump and Kavanaugh, which the Dems promised their unhinged base, is off the table. So is any meaningful legislation. The Demnocrat-controlled House is stuck in the position of a figurehead king who's nominally in charge but wields no actual power. We get to watch and laugh as they fail to advance their agenda while flailing impotently at Trump like Hero Boy fighting a Kaiju.

The downside is that Trump won't be getting his agenda items turned into legislation, either. But the House cucks were preventing that, anyway, so it's a wash on that front. In the final analysis, the traitors within the GOP were far more dangerous. The Dems have done us a favor by clearing out the fifth columnists. The Republicans we've gained in the House and Senate are more solidly Trumpian than their predecessors, putting us in a good position for long-term gains.

Oh, and we get all the judges now. If Cocaine Mitch could get guys like Judge Dredd confirmed before, Trump could confidently nominate Alex Jones to SCOTUS with the new cuck-proof Senate. A 6-3 Supreme Court majority is now guaranteed.

A final note to the House GOP: You clowns convinced Trump to let you handle the midterms your way by postponing MAGA for your dumb bow tie shit. You passed an omnibus bill that kicked your base in the crotch. Then you abandoned ship at the first ripple of a blue wave. You deserved to lose. Moreover you deserved to lose in a 70 seat blowout, but instead of the electoral ass-kicking you begged for, but Trump reduced the sentence to a light spanking. You'd better bow the knee like your victorious Senate colleagues, or not even Trump will be able to help you next time.


When Elephants Fight


The following is a blanket response to questions and comments from several people both on and off this blog.

We authors know that the reader is king, and that we are competing with TV, movies, and beer for his hard-earned dollars. I would not presume to gainsay readers' market preferences.

At the same time, solidarity with my brothers in the craft obliges me to make sure readers' sovereign decisions are as soundly informed as possible.

It's undeniably true that Indiegogo has engaged in partisan and unethical behavior toward creators on their platform. They should face repercussions for those actions.

It is also true that the only currently viable alternative to Indiegogo, Kickstarter, has a much worse track record of gross partisan discrimination. To refresh the reader's memory, Kickstarter rejected a film exposing the butchery committed by abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Indiegogo allowed the film makers to fully fund the project.

I have always said not to give money to people who hate you. Like all aspirational statements, it admits of degrees. Indiegogo takes only 5% of what backers pay to the author, while arch-Leftist Jeff Bezos' Amazon takes 30%. I do business with the latter because it involves no formal and low material cooperation with evil. My dealings with Indiegogo follow a similar moral calculus with even lower material cooperation, and the evil is less grave.

Indie authors, by definition, do not enjoy the benefits provided by a traditional publisher. They must pay for editing, cover and promotional art, and formatting out-of-pocket. Nor do indies receive advances to offset the cost of time spent writing.

Mitigating the production and opportunity costs incurred by foregoing a traditional publisher was the last obstacle keeping indie authors from devoting our full efforts to publishing stories normal people want to read. The new patronage system ushered in by crowdfunding seemed to have solved this problem. Unfortunately, one major crowdfunding service has consistently embraced SJW behavior, and the other has brazenly stolen from a dissenting publishing house. Indiegogo will not miss the $100 denied them if an indie author's campaign fails, but he'll certainly miss the $2,000 he'd hoped his readers' goodwill would provide.

I see no good solution. When elephants fight, the grass suffers.